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If I’m not working with a client then I’m likely to be outside, appreciating the seasonal changes in the woods near my home; cooking up a nourishing stew from wholesome ingredients; or quietly drinking spiced hot cacao.

Here is my secret: I am inspired at all times by transformation. Whether I’m witnessing the first blossoms appear on the trees, or I’m relishing the taste and vibrational change when I’ve added certain ingredients to a dish; or even just feeling my heart rate slow, my muscles relax and my imagination expand when I take time out to just “be.”

But my very favourite kind of transformation occurs when I guide clients through the process away from pain, fear and despair towards feeling vibrant, secure and empowered.

Life can be utterly frustrating when you’ve got so much figured out in life except your health!

Maybe you can inspire teams to produce greatness within tight deadlines; write beautiful and informative web content; run emotionally-charged and life-changing workshops or get reluctant teenagers off to school on time with their homework done…

…but your insomnia is leaving you exhausted, you feel like you are losing your spark and you’ve had an increase in panic attacks recently.

Perhaps you host those fabulous parties that everyone actually wants to attend, control six-figure budgets with ease, exquisitely renovate vintage clothing or successfully project manage your own house-build…

…but mostly you just want to curl up on the sofa with a big bag of crisps particularly at certain times of your cycle.

You might have scoured the most highly recommended and up-to-date health and wellness books, read everything that google has to offer; tried gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, low fat, low carb, the 5:2, FODMAP, paleo, keto and trying to eat mindfully…

..but the lack of long-term results weren’t enough to deny yourself pastries and a caramel latte for breakfast.

Possibly you’ve seen your GP, had every test your consultant could offer, filled in 1001 online questionnaires and despaired with your friends…

…but after all that nobody has been able to figure out why you ache, why your skin is dull and puffy and why you can’t get moving in the mornings without three mugs of coffee.

And maybe you’ve considered seeing a specialist in nutrition before but were worried about feeling patronised, constricted, ashamed, guilty, hungry or scared of losing autonomy over your own diet. 

If you identify with any of the above and are someone who is also inspired by profound transformation then I would love to work with you in taking your health and wellbeing to a whole new and beautiful level!

Wherever you feel stuck, tired and frustrated I can give you the tools that you need and work with you to help you create a life that embraces freedom, radiance and joy.

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