Strategies for Wellbeing

Photo is of Florence Neville, a smiling white woman with curly greying hair

Welcome! My name is Florence Neville (you can call me Flo!) and I am doing a PhD exploring the need for autistic people – like myself – to have the time and space to just be ourselves.

I am interested in how autistic individuals develop and practice self-care strategies that may look different to those developed by individuals who are not autistic. You can read about this on the site I co-founded:

I also offer health and wellbeing workshops based on my previous work as a health and nutrition coach. You can find out about these by clicking on the headings below.


Wellbeing in the Workplace

An informative workshop for employers and employees about how to self-regulate adrenaline and cortisol responses to the stresses that accompany many workplace environments.

Sugar, Sleep, Stress and the Student Teacher

An informative workshop for student teachers about how to self-regulate adrenaline and cortisol responses to the inevitable stress that accompanies working in education.

Sugar, Sleep, Stress and the Spectrum

This workshop is designed to help autistic attendees (and their allies) understand how they can encourage helpful hormone production to reduce stress and improve sleep.

Autistic Health and Wellbeing

This workshop empowers autistic individuals in building on the strategies they already use, and encourages friends and family to re-evaluate advice they may have previously been given.

Other work

Autism Health and Wellbeing

I am a co-founder of, a resource site for and written by autistic adults. The site is run by myself and four other autistic individuals, each with different but complementary expertise in health and wellbeing. We are always looking for autistic adults who would like to contribute a blog post – more details on the site!