Strategies for Wellbeing

Photo is of Florence Neville, a smiling white woman with curly greying hair

Welcome! My name is Florence Neville (you can call me Flo!) and I am doing a PhD exploring the need for autistic people – like myself – to have the time and space to be ourselves.


I offer in-person training in improving autistic wellbeing and in supporting neurodivergent people in schools and universities. Organisations have included the University of the West of England, the University of Bristol, StandNW, and Welsh Government Civil Service.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Flo’s session. Probably one of my favourite sessions we’ve had so far on the PGCE. So insightful, inspiring and invaluable to our practice. It was so useful to be reminded of the struggle some pupils face in a classroom setting and hearing from an honest perspective such as hers.

Jesse Ilic, PGSE student, University of Bristol.

Flo’s session on neurodiversity provided extremely valuable and practical information for the student teachers. This was presented in an engaging and interactive way, which built their confidence and enabled them to make decisions about how to support neurodivergent young learners. 

Dr Nicola Warren-Lee, Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol

Florence has an extremely engaging way of offering ideas to Autistic individuals without being prescriptive or making people feel a failure. She clearly knows her stuff but is able to deliver complex ideas in ways that make sense. She draws on her own and others experiences as well as being informed by academic and current research findings. She is a very interesting speaker and I wholeheartedly recommend her

Dr Linda Buchan Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Director of Axia ASD

Great Course. Having a trainer with inside knowledge helps to relate to the training. It was easier to identify with the subject

Florence was very knowledgeable and participated with the groups during the group work. Her delivery was humorous when needed and kept people engaged throughout. 

Really impactive and powerful

Feedback from training day on autistic masking and mental health for STANDNW

Autism Health and Wellbeing

I am a co-founder of, a health and wellbeing resource site for and written by autistic adults. The site is run by myself and four other autistic individuals, each with different but complementary expertise in health and wellbeing. We are always looking for autistic adults who would like to contribute a blog post – more details on the site!


I have made a list of useful resources for people who want to learn more about autism and neurodiversity. Stay tuned for updates!