Research and Writing

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Reacting, Retreating, Regulating and Reconnecting

A 2022 blog post for summarising my qualitative study with autistic adults about how they use alone-time for their wellbeing.

A Tale of Two Hats: Transforming from the Researched to the Researcher

A paper co-written with Nina Higson-Sweeney and Alannah Mortlock in 2021. In it we reflect on navigating and disrupting the researcher-researched relationship in our PhD work, and the possibilities of working in this liminal space.

Interview: Autistic Health and Wellbeing

Jenna Gensic interviewed me about my thoughts on autistic health and wellbeing for the Learn from Autistics website.

Autistics, Autodidacts and Autonomy

A 2019 blog post for summarising my Masters in Research study exploring how late-diagnosed autistic women self-manage their health and wellbeing.

Autistics, autodidacts and autonomy: exploring how late diagnosed autistic women in the UK and US self-manage their health and wellbeing with dietary and other lifestyle measures

My 2019 MRes dissertation.