Dr. Luke Beardon Autism in adults

Lydia X. Z. Brown, E. Ashkenazy & Morénike Giwa Onaiwu (editors) All the weight of our dreams: on living racialized autism

Helen Clarke Supporting spectacular girls: a practical guide to developing girls’ well-being and self-esteem

Barb Cook and Dr. Michelle Garnett (editors) Spectrum women: walking to the beat of autism

Steven K. Kapp (editor) Autistic community and the neurodiversity movement: stories from the frontline

Dr. Damian Milton (editor) The neurodiversity reader: exploring concepts, lived experience and implications for practice

Nick Walker Neuroqueer Heresies: notes on the neurodiversity paradigm, autistic empowerment, and postnormal possibilities

Melanie Yergeau Authoring autism: on rhetoric and neurological queerness

Quick reads (the titles are linked)

Rebecca Burgess Understanding the spectrum

Catherine Crompton, Kilee DeBrabander, Brett Heasman, Damian Milton & Noah Sasson The double empathy problem

Sonny Hallett More questions answered

Fergus Murray Understanding autism

Reports (the titles are linked)

National Development Team for InclusionSupporting autistic flourishing at home and
beyond: Considering and meeting the sensory needs of autistic people in housing
” (2020).

National Development Team for InclusionIt’s Not Rocket Science: considering and meeting the sensory needs of autistic children and young people in CAMHS inpatient services” (2020).

Videos (the titles are linked)

Jac den Houting Why everything you know about autism is wrong.

Websites (the site names are linked)

Autism, Health and Wellbeing

Epic Autism Resources

Learn from Autistics