Florence has an extremely engaging way of offering ideas to Autistic individuals without being prescriptive or making people feel a failure. She clearly knows her stuff but is able to deliver complex ideas in ways that make sense

She draws on her own and others experiences as well as being informed by academic and current research findings. She is a very interesting speaker and I wholeheartedly recommend her
Dr Linda Buchan

Axia ASD. Chester. Workshops

Flo’s presentation was very well received at our Autistic Post-Diagnostic Support Group with many attendees asking questions.

The way Flo put the concept of stressors in relation to autism and gave some small simple ideas for improvements was very manageable and well explained.

I would recommend this presentation to anyone – autistic or not.
Sarah Hendrickx

Axia ASD. Chester. Workshops

Flo somehow manages to find a way to make YOU feel good about yourself within a day of starting one of her courses. Her communications are full of love and positivity with a personal touch. Once you are at the end of the first week you wonder why you haven’t done this before as she makes it so easy to fit in with your existing lifestyle and then gradually increases the tasks and suggestions each week at a very manageable level.

At the end of the four weeks I feel like a fresher version of myself. I have much clearer skin (and a now permanent new skin care routine) and a strong belief that by taking on board some small changes I will feel so much better. Unexpectedly it hasn’t just brought a physical improvement – my thinking and focus have become so much clearer too.

Everyone should reach out to Flo if they can and see how she can enhance their lives too.

Lindsay. Glow With Flo

I have been trialling the Glow with Flo course for the past four weeks and have had some great results. The course was easy to fit in around my normal life. My skin is clearer and I am wearing less make-up. My insides have clearly benefited and without too much gory detail, I am visibly healthier for the reduction in sugar intake and other suggestions by Flo. My nails and hair have been growing much faster, and are stronger. Flo’s recipes are simple and delicious. The course has given me more awareness of small changes I can make to ensure my health, both inside and out are at their best.

For me at least, the change in skincare routine was one of the best suggestions – it has had an amazing impact on my skin, is quick and a pleasure to do, and will save me so much money quickly and even more so in the long-term.

I have no hesitation in recommending this course.

Sandra. Glow With Flo

I have a busy life and spend little time on myself. Following the Glow With Flo course has encouraged me to drink more water and visualise my body and skin as an engine that requires good quality oils,nutrition and supplements to see positive results.

My craving for sugar has significantly diminished and I enjoyed the gradual introduction of supplements and pampering over the four week course. My skin now has a positive glow and Flo encourages people in a way that feels very individual and tailored to the person participating.

I have no hesitation in recommending this course to others and her recipes and beautiful pictures make following it a joy.

Hazel. Glow With Flo

I knew I needed a detox, but didn’t realise I’d actually enjoy it!

I started this at what turned out to be a really demanding month for me. First week of the plan is super-easy, meaning I also got all those extra good feelings when I found I could stick to the plan!

Flo builds the detox slowly over the four weeks, so it never feels too much to tackle, and she is always on hand by email to answer questions or reassure.

By the end of the 4 weeks my body felt like it was nourished, for the first time in a long time. I’m eating better, feel better and have even lost a few lbs! Thank you for guiding me to a different way to live

Ruth. Glow With Flo

Since my son was born I have been struggling to manage my sugar intake and was finding it hard to find the will power. The Glow With Flo course was just the motivation I needed! Flo was responsive and patient with all my questions and happy to clarify or provide more insight into any of the processes I was unsure of.

The weekly regime was built on in a manageable way with all items on the shopping list being optional and so easily tailored to individual circumstances. I really enjoyed the addition of some easily implemented and maintainable changes to my daily beauty routine, which actually saved me time but improved my skin, such a treat when you’ve got a toddler at home!

At the end of the 4 weeks I feel like I’ve really got my glow back, mentally as well as physically

Bisi. Glow With Flo

I loved Flo’s training with parents and carers, which made everyone think about how to find balance in nutrition and sleep. It was really informative and made me think more about my own diet and lifestyle as well as that of autistic children and young people.

Integra. South Gloucestershire. Workshops