Stock aerial photo of a hedge maze.

Mozart, Wine and Pizza

I figured it's time I told you all another daft story. I have many. This one is a tad farcical and explains why I was teetotal for two whole years in my early twenties...

Stock photo of a galaxy. Sorry, I don't know which galaxy.


In the summer of 1991 I was doing my A levels (Music, Literature and Art in case you were wondering) and I had not yet seen Aliens. That's Aliens with a big A. To clarify, I hadn't knowingly seen aliens with a little a either. Still haven't.

Stock photo of a busy Parisian street at night. People are sat at small round tables on the pavement and a chalkboard advertises Stellla at 5.5 a pint

Lost in Paris

Back in the mid-90s, while I was a piano and violin teacher, I joined a friend's band called Movietone for a couple of years. During that time we recorded two albums and two sessions for John Peel, played some gigs (Bristol, London and Brighton) and did a mini tour in France.

Stock photo glimpsing the front, f-holes and fingerboards of several violins hung vertically.

Fiddle Lessons

A random conversation with a good friend (always the best) about rollup cigarettes sparked a few memories yesterday. They made me smile and I thought they might make you smile too...