An optical illusion. Patterned circles seem to rotate. The image hurts my eyes!

Learning to Read (Again)

I have always described my reading style as staring at a passage, catching the words like fish into a net, and then hoping my brain would process them and rearrange them into the right order.

Stock photo of a red neon light against a whitewashed wall or ceiling. It's visually uncomfortable to look at.

Not Boredom

This afternoon is one of those afternoons. The cacophony created by the oven, washing machine, lawnmowers, birds, someone's TV, dogs barking, planes overhead, neighbours talking, shouting, swearing, belching hurt my ears but my headphones feel too hot and tight.

Stock photo of a small pile of flat black pebbles.

Autism Awareness

#AutismAwarenessMonth - a.k.a April - is a tricky one for many autistic people as commercial autism charities bombard social media with publicity stunts to raise awareness of autism prevention-and-cure research fundraising opportunities.