Wellbeing in the Workplace

Who is this workshop for?

Are you committed to supporting your employees’ mental health; giving them the tools they need to be resilient, self-reliant and reliable?

Do you want a team that’s happy, healthy and hardworking? Do you yourself want to sleep well, get that sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step?

Great! This is probably just the workshop your company needs!

What is it about?

My talk includes an overview of the physiology of stress hormones, and provides an achievable set of lifestyle strategies which can improve energy levels, reduce stress, help with focus and increase quality sleep.

The focus is on the individual but there is plenty of scope for tweaking the work environment for benefitting you and your team even further. You might be surprised how effective small and inexpensive changes can be.

With extended workshops there is also the chance for group work during which participants can troubleshoot their own health and wellbeing concerns.

Why is this workshop important?

Stress hormone imbalance has negative effects on:
• Short term memory • Mood regulation • Planning and organising • Regulating own behaviour • Making good judgements • Speech processing • Sensory processing • Sleep quality • Physical health • Emotional health

Groups I have worked with previously reported challenges in all these areas. By regulating their stress hormones they were able to reduce absenteeism, increase their job satisfaction, improve the quality of their work and boost their mental health.

What does this workshop deliver?

It’s an informative workshop on how to self-regulate adrenaline and cortisol responses to the inevitable stress that accompanies a workplace environment.

It’s an adaptive and interactive lesson on the physiology of stress hormones.

It’s a structured brainstorming session to enable attendees to understand how to tailor support for more balanced stress and sleep hormonal production.

It’s a blueprint for:

  • reducing anxiety and depression
  • improving sleep quality and energy levels
  • supporting health
  • encouraging employees in reaching their full potential

It’s a place for attendees to feel safe, listened to and understood

It’s a time for learning, for laughter and for light-bulb moments.

Why am I the person to deliver this workshop?

Good question! I am a Health and Nutrition Coach with a research Masters in Health and Wellbeing, a diploma in Nutritional Therapy and a special interest in anxiety and depression. I have run workshops in a variety of settings over the past three years.

What have other people said about this workshop?

“I can really see how this will all help; I can’t wait to get started!”

“It was really refreshing having someone say, “yes it’s okay that you have problems and stresses.” But also someone coming up with realistic solutions and mind sets to over come all the little stresses. Thanks!”

How much will this cost us?

Until the end of September 2021 my fees are £250 per 90 minutes plus expenses.

Depending on your requirements I can deliver short talks, extended workshops or half-day training sessions.

An ideal group size is between fifteen and thirty participants but I am happy to chat with you about how this workshop can be tailored for your needs.

How can we book you?

Please contact me here to discuss dates, I very much look forward to hearing from you!