Toxin Free Self Care

If you are ever in any doubt as to whether it’s worth avoiding most facial cleansers, shower gels, shampoos, toothpastes and moisturisers etc. because you aren’t swallowing them then it’s worth considering that the most effective nicotine replacement products are absorbed either through the skin or through the side of the mouth!

Everything you put on your skin or in your mouth gets absorbed into your bloodstream to be broken down by the liver and excreted via your kidneys. Have a look at the ingredient list on your favourite products and decide whether your liver and kidneys really need that added stress!

There are several lovely ranges of natural, food-grade skin care available but if you are looking to avoid both the toxins and the high cost of organic skin care then the following are all effective alternatives:


  • Oil cleansing is really effective for the face, neck and chest.
  • A few splashes of cold water work as effectively as a toner.
  • A natural soap is fine both for the sink and the shower; and can also be used in place of shaving foam.


  • Epsom salts, sodium bicarbonate, apple cider vinegar and/or powdered clay all have a natural cleansing effect when dissolved into bath water. Add select essential oils or herbs for scent and therapeutic use.

Skin Care

  • Coconut oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil make for great facial and body moisturisers. Use on damp skin.
  • Laila London and Lyonsleaf both stock lovely skincare balms made from oils, herbs and essential oils.
  • I use jojoba oil stocked by Star Child. I sometimes make a raw honey & water mask for skin softening, a clay mask for deep cleansing or a kefir mask for brightening.

Hair Care

  • You can use a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in half a cup of warm water to replace shampoo. Long term use can dry hair out though and so over time you will need to reduce the amount of sodium bicarbonate you use. You can also begin to space out the days in between hair washes. Eventually you may find that just rinsing with water every few days cleans your hair with no hint of oiliness.
  • After a sodium bicarbonate wash it is worth rinsing your hair through with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water to restore shine.
  • Jojoba oil makes a great leave-in conditioner.
  • I rinse with apple cider vinegar in water every few days and apply Laila London treatment oil or Star Child jojoba oil each night.

Oral Care

  • Salt water used as a pre-wash rinse is a better bet for your teeth than a mouthwash.
  • You can make an effective home-made toothpaste by combining equal parts of sodium bicarbonate, activated charcoal and coconut oil.
  • I use the toothpowders made by Laila London.


  • As you transition to a healthier diet you may find your need for deodorant decreases. In the meantime you can try a homemade pit-paste of coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate.
  • I use Laila London deodorant.

Background Reading

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