Thank you. Really. A huge thank you for your support over the last six months, in truth I guess I began working with you in the hope that I would maybe find some sort of acceptable ‘anti-inflammatory’ diet that might soothe my sore joints. What I got was the pleasure of spending time on Skype with somebody who always looked genuinely happy to see me, was interested in ‘all’ of me (not only my diet) and who has encouraged me in myriad ways over the last challenging few months.

Having always been a bit of sceptic I wasn’t sure how supplements could be worth the money and have often felt resistant to accepting that changes to my diet could really be beneficial for me. I was wrong. There’s no magic wand, I know that, but your reassuringly academic approach to how I was feeling and how tweaking my diet my help has resulted in my making it through the first semester of university in one piece.

My greatest fear was honestly that I simply did not have the stamina required to manage everything, but increasing my protein levels has undoubtedly been of great benefit. Your gentle, non-dictatorial approach has meant that I never felt any of the changes I’ve made have been forced upon me, yet I’ve wanted to try them since you’ve always had an excellent rationale as to why I might.

Vanessa. Health and Nutrition Coaching