Testers Required for Glow With Flo!

I designed Glow with Flo! as an online plan to help you enhance your inner glow so much that it becomes an outer glow too!

Over four weeks you’ll learn how to heal, nourish, cleanse and revitalise both your gut and your skin by practising my quick and easy recommendations each day.

What benefits will I see?

This really depends on where you are health-wise before you start, how closely you follow the plan, and what other external factors are going on in your life. Having said all that, if you follow the plan as laid out you could see:

  • clearer skin with reduced congestion
  • plumper, smoother skin
  • soothed dry or oily patches
  • less inflammation, redness and rough patches
  • smoother digestion
  • increased vitality levels
  • a better understanding of how to nourish yourself
  • a new found enjoyment of practising some great long term habits
  • an increase in confidence
  • Inner and Outer Glow!

How are you going to help me achieve that?

We will be focussing on a few new and easy practices each week, taking things very, very gradually so that you, your digestive system and your skin don’t get overwhelmed.

I’ll be suggesting some delicious and nutritious recipes

Your suggested shopping list will include carefully selected, glow enhancing supplements. Each of these are entirely optional but utilising them will greatly enhance the other work you’ll be doing.

I’ll be teaching you some gentle skin care techniques that rely on natural, toxin free products.

How does testing Glow with Flo! work?

Each week you will start a new worksheet tackling a few general health tweaks – which could be as quick as downing an extra glass of water, as simple as learning to make your own clay face mask or as delicious as trying out some of my super easy recipes – free from sugar, gluten, dairy, soya and processed fats.

I will need you to email me with plenty of feedback towards the end of each week. As soon as I receive this I will email you the link for the next worksheet.

In addition you will get unlimited email support from me during the four weeks of the plan. Any questions you need answering or cheerleading you need from me – that’s what I’m here for!

What is this going to cost me?

Nothing at all! This beta round of Glow with Flo! is to allow me to make tweaks to the material before going live. The plan will be £60 when launched but, for early testers, the cost is simply that of providing regular feedback and a testimonial at the end of the plan.

However, there is some outlay for the recommended supplements and while these are entirely optional, each one is included in order to increase the overall glow-enhancing effectiveness of this four week plan!

When will I start the plan?

24th August: I will email all the testers a suggested shopping list for any out-of-the-ordinary ingredients and products.

1st September: I will email you the first of four carefully structured weekly worksheets, each designed to help you both look and feel better each week, without any sense of overwhelm.

8th September: after receiving your feedback I will email you week two of Glow with Flo!

15th September: after receiving your feedback I will email you week three of Glow with Flo!

22nd September: after receiving your feedback I will email you week four of Glow with Flo!

29th September: I will email you a feedback questionnaire as well as a request for anything you would like to include in a testimonial for my website and for social media channels.

Please note that I intend to launch Glow with Flo! (with any changes made as a result of tester feedback) in early October and so I will need all evaluation and testimonials in by the end of September.

Still not sure if it’s for you? You can always email me with any questions you have about Glow with Flo! and I will be happy to answer!

Terms and Conditions

If you would like to take part in trialling Glow with Flo! it is on the understanding that:

  • you intend to follow my plan as closely as possible during the four weeks
  • you will let me know as soon as you can if there is any part of the plan you do not feel able to or do not want to complete so that I can adapt the worksheets for you if and when necessary
  • you will provide full and honest feedback each week
  • you will send me a full evaluation of your experience and results by the end of September
  • my plan and the materials therein is copyrighted and as such should not be shared with anyone else (if you know someone that would benefit please ask them to contact me
  • please know that I will be supporting you to enhance your own, already wonderful and unique glow! You are perfect as you are! I’d just like to work with you in appreciating the wonderfulness that you already own!

Please email me if you would like to take part in trialling my Glow with Flo! online plan. I am limiting these tester spots to twelve so you may need to be quick! I look forward to hearing from you…

Flo xx