Sugar, Sleep, Stress and the Spectrum -Workshop Delivery and Training

Who is this workshop for?

Are you planning workshops, INSET sessions or CPD training for teachers, lecturers and support staff who would like to be able to increase students’ wellbeing, and so raise academic potential?

Do you run a group for autistic adults who would like to know how to improve their sleep and reduce their stress levels?

Do you provide meeting spaces for parents or carers of autistic children and teenagers who would like support in helping their child to sleep at night and to get through the day with less meltdowns, drowsiness and anxiety?

Are you hosting a conference with the focus on the wellbeing of autistic people?

Then this is the workshop for you!

What is it about?

The basis of my talk hinges on these three principles:

  • Autism + Environment = Outcome (Dr. Luke Beardon 2017)
  • Being an autistic individual means that information processing (sensory, communication, concepts) is likely to differ from much of the general population
  • The “Environment” can be internal or external

For instance, consider the outcome when an autistic person is exposed to a difficult external environment

    Autistic Person   +  Brightly Lit, Noisy, Chaotic, Smelly Supermarket 

=  Potential for Meltdown or Shutdown (from Elevated Stress Hormone Production)

Meanwhile, we are not always aware that the internal environment can have exactly the same effect

    Autistic Person   +  Low Blood Glucose levels

=  Potential for Meltdown or Shutdown (from Elevated Stress Hormone Production)

In my workshops we look at some of the ways we can adapt the external environment and support the internal environment to improve the outcomes for autistic people.

(Spoiler: the areas we cover are equally relevant to stressed non-autistic people!)

Why is this workshop important?

Stress hormone imbalance for all people has negative effects on:

•  Short term memory  •  Mood regulation  •  Planning and organising  •  Regulating own behaviour  •  Making good judgements  •  Speech processing  •  Sensory processing  •  Sleep quality  •  Physical health  •  Emotional health

Meanwhile, for the autistic person these effects or symptoms are often blamed on the autism itself!

When the environment is improved, so is the outcome.

“Flo’s presentation was very well received at our Autistic Post-Diagnostic Support Group with many attendees asking questions. The way Flo put the concept of stressors in relation to autism and gave some small simple ideas for improvements was very manageable and well explained. I would recommend this presentation to anyone – autistic or not.”

Sarah Hendrickx

What does this workshop deliver?

It’s an informative workshop on how to make the internal and external environments more favourable so that the outcome is measurably improved for everyone involved.

It’s an adaptive and interactive lesson on the physiology of stress hormones.

It’s a structured brainstorming session to enable attendees to understand how to tailor support for more balanced stress and sleep hormonal production in the individual.

It’s a blueprint for

  • reducing anxiety and depression
  • improving sleep quality and energy
  • making the classroom environment more productive
  • supporting a more relaxed home environment

It’s a place for attendees to feel safe, listened to and understood

It’s a time for learning, for laughter and for light-bulb moments.

“Florence has an extremely engaging way of offering ideas to Autistic individuals without being prescriptive or making people feel a failure
She clearly knows her stuff but is able to deliver complex ideas in ways that make sense
She draws on her own and others experiences as well as being informed by academic and current research findings
She is a very interesting speaker and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Dr Linda Buchan Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Director of Axia ASD

Why am I the person to deliver this workshop?

Good question! I am a Health and Nutrition Coach who works predominantly with autistic adults. I have special interests in anxiety and in the endocrine (hormone) system. I am also autistic.

What have other people said about this workshop?

“Really interesting and thought-provoking.”

“The advice Flo offered didn’t seem overwhelming and unrealistic. She understands the complexities being autistic can bring to maintaining a healthy diet and is able to work with what is manageable for you.”

“I can relate this information to quite a few students to understand them and support parents.”

“Very interesting. Very helpful. Very knowlegeable”

“Excellent. Very interesting. Lot’s included – could have been longer.”

“Flo delivered a fantastic session for our autistic girls group. She has a wealth of knowledge and a genuine understanding of the impact autism can have on diet as well as the impact diet can have on the person. Her advice and guidance was non judgmental and she received very positive feedback from members of the group.”

“It was really informative and made me think more about my own diet and lifestyle as well as that of autistic children and young people.”

“Not actually as terrifying as I had expected!”

How much will this cost us?

Until the end of September 2022 my fees are £250 per 90 minutes plus expenses. Depending on your requirements I can deliver short workshops, extended workshops or half-day training sessions. An ideal group size is between fifteen and twenty five participants.

“I loved Flo’s training with parents and carers, which made everyone think about how to find balance in nutrition and sleep. It was really informative and made me think more about my own diet and lifestyle as well as that of autistic children and young people.”

Integra Schools

How can we book you?

Please contact me here to discus dates, I very much look forward to hearing from you!

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