Speaking and Workshops

I offer talks and workshops around the UK in the fields of health and in autism. Please contact me here to discuss fees.

“Florence is qualified in nutritional therapy and has a particular interest in hormonal and neurological stress patterns from an ancestral perspective. As a late diagnosed autistic and mother she is also able to offer a unique insight into how lifestyle and diet impact autistic individuals and their nearest and dearest.”

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Sugar, Sleep, Stress and the Spectrum

Stress hormone imbalance can affect short term memory, mood regulation, planning and organising; regulating our behaviour and making good judgements. Meanwhile, a lack of quality sleep is a common challenge both for those who are autistic and those who live with them.

This talk includes an overview of the physiology of stress hormones and provides an achievable set of routine and dietary strategies which can make all the difference between being wide awake during the night and sleeping soundly; and which also significantly reduce anxiety levels during the day.

The information and advice given in this talk is helpful for both autistic adults and parents of autistic children and teenagers.

“Thank you Florence for attending the Axia Post-Diagnostic Support Group yesterday, and providing us all with an interesting and engaging insight into the effects of nutrition on the body. Your presentation on “Sugar, Sleep and Stress” along with your insight into their potential effects specifically regarding the autistic community, was extremely enlightening.”

Dream, Axia ASD

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Sugar, Sleep, Stress and the Student Teacher

Stress hormone imbalance has negative effects on areas such as short term memory , planning and organising , making good judgements, sleep quality, physical health and emotional health.

Student teachers I have worked with previously have reported challenges in all these areas during their PGCE and NQT years but by regulating their stress hormones they were able to maintain their attendance, increase their job satisfaction, improve the quality of their teaching and boost their mental health. They also felt they were more likely to sustain a career in teaching.

“Feedback for these sessions has always been overwhelmingly positive and students (student teachers) have reported that incorporating her recommendations have enabled them to better maintain their energy levels and manage their workload.”

Cotham School, ITE and NQT workshops

This talk includes an overview of the physiology of stress hormones and provides an achievable set of lifestyle and dietary strategies which can improve energy levels, reduce stress, help with focus and increase quality sleep.

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Wellbeing in the Workplace

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Autistic Health and Wellbeing

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