Speaking and Workshops

I offer talks and workshops around the UK in the fields of health and in autism. Please contact me here to discuss fees.

“Florence is a qualified nutritional therapist with a particular interest in hormonal and neurological stress patterns from an ancestral perspective. As a late diagnosed autistic and mother she is also able to offer a unique insight into how lifestyle and diet impact autistic individuals and their nearest and dearest.”

Past workshops have included:

Sugar, Stress and the Spectrum

Stress hormone imbalance can affect short term memory, mood regulation, planning and organising; regulating our behaviour and making good judgements. This talk includes an overview of the physiology of stress hormones and provides an introduction to dietary strategies that support stress management for those who are autistic.

“Really interesting and thought-provoking.”

Sleep, Stress and the Spectrum

Lack of quality sleep is a common challenge both for those who are autistic and those who live with them. Many sufferers have already tried a whole host of sleep-inducing-techniques to no avail. This talk provides an achievable set of routine and dietary changes which can make all the difference between being wide awake during the night and sleeping soundly.

Staff Wellbeing

With today’s working environment at odds from the sleep, sunlight, movement and dietary model that humankind evolved on it is little wonder that staff are often burnt out and underachieving in the workplace. This talk offers advice for both managers and the workforce in general to help support health and wellbeing.

“Feedback for these sessions has always been overwhelmingly positive and students (student teachers) have reported that incorporating her recommendations have enabled them to better maintain their energy levels and manage their workload.”

Autism 101 for Trainee Teachers

An autism myth-busting session for student teachers, from an openly autistic speaker, with tips and information for putting into practice immediately in order to support both the individual autistic student and the class in general. This talk can also be adapted for supporting an “autism-friendly” work environment.

“A well balanced and adaptive workshop delivered with warmth and humour!”

Sleep, Sugar and Stress

While most of us are familiar with needing increasing amounts of sugar and caffeine to keep us alert after a poor night’s sleep it can be difficult to break this cycle without a holiday and a reset. This workshop offers a way out by respecting our delicate balance of sleep and stress hormones with both lifestyle and dietary changes.

“I enjoyed learning about Flo’s practical tips and have been able to start putting them in to practice already!”