Sleep Tips

If you are not waking refreshed from a night of quality sleep then this is something we will be working on in your appointments. But keeping on top of as many of these “sleep hacks” as you can will help various sleep-related hormones to synchronise, enabling you to drop off quicker, maintain sustained deep sleep, and to wake up ready for the day in the morning.

Helpful Routines

  • Set your morning alarm for the same time every morning – even at the weekend. At the very least set your weekend alarm no later than one hour after your weekday alarm. Ideally, most people should wake up between 6am and 7.30am every day of the week.
  • Try and get some direct sunlight in your eyes and on your skin as early on the day as you can.
  • Keep a routine of going to bed at the same time every night. For most people this should be some time in between 10pm and 11pm.

Tech Hacks

  • Turn off your mobile and/or laptop at least an hour before your bedtime. At the very least turn the brightness of your screen right down.
  • Make sure that any lighting in your bedroom is low and remove any blue light sources.
  • Consider wearing blue-blocking glasses (these will be yellow, orange or red tinted) from sundown onwards.
  • Turn off your wifi overnight and set any phones left on to airplane mode.
  • Consider taking a ten to twenty minute nap after your lunch. This can actually improve night sleep for people who get “overtired” before bedtime. I recommend using a timed sleep app such as Pzizz (you will need headphones.)

Food and Drink

  • Take one teaspoon of raw honey before bed (and before cleaning your teeth!)
  • Find a herbal tea that you like that contains “sleepy” herbs and try dissolving two teaspoons of collagen powder into this tea.
  • If you drink tea or coffee (even decaffeinated coffee – it will still contain some caffeine) then drink your last cup by 4pm at the latest.
  • Ideally you don’t want to eat within three hours of going to bed, but if you need to snack in the evening try my bedtime yoghurt snack.

Old Fashioned Support

  • Try a twenty minute Epsom salt bath in the evening.
  • Do your morning breathing and visualisation exercise before getting into bed.
  • Keep a window open overnight and the room temperature cool (you can always pile on a few extra blankets or take a hot-water-bottle to bed).
  • Cover or tape over any light sources in your bedroom and fit heavy or blackout curtains.