Shopping List for Glow with Flo

If you are unable to source any of these items please feel free to email me for recommendations.

I appreciate that this can seem like a high outlay for a four week plan but you will find that many of the supplements will last you a few weeks beyond the plan, and the benefits will last much, much longer.

While missing out anything from this list may detract from your Glow with Flo! results please note that you will still reap the benefits of the cost-free plan elements.

I do not want you buy anything that you cannot afford or know to be unsuitable for you personally.

The links I have included on this page for online purchasing will take you to a list of UK based stockists that I recommend for my all my coaching and online plans. You can, of course, source your supplements, ingredients and optional extras from anywhere you like; this linked page is just for your convenience.

Please feel free to email me if you would like further advice!


I use Great Lakes brand (green tub) which you can buy online. It is produced from humanely raised cattle that are pastured and grass fed. I recommend this from week one onwards. One 454g tub will last you for 38 days.

If you don’t like to use collagen from cows you can use Planet Paleo Marine Collagen which is produced from wild, sustainably sourced fish. One 195g tub will last you for up to 26 days.


You can use any brand you like that delivers 1,000mg per dose but I would caution against the effervescent types you dissolve in water due to the artificial flavourings and sweeteners included.

I like the Natural Stacks Vitamin C which also includes skin-supportive zinc. A 90 capsule bottle will last you up to 45 days, depending on your tolerance dosage.


The only brand I recommend is Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil which comes in capsules. You can order it online and you will need to keep it refrigerated. I recommend this from week two onwards and a bottle of 120 capsules will last you 60 days.


Bulletproof Charcoal Capsules are available online. I recommend these from week three onwards and a 90 capsule bottle will last you up to 45 days.


There are a wide range of good probiotic capsules on the market and it is often worth cycling through different brands if you wish to take them long term.

A good and inexpensive brand suitable for this plan is Bio-Kult Probiotic Multi-Strain Formula; their 30 capsule box will last you a fortnight. I recommend these from week four onwards and you will be able to buy them from some pharmacies or online.


You will need a wooden body brush with natural bristles from the start of week one. Ideally this should have a detachable long handle for reaching the middle of your back. You can buy one from some pharmacies or online.


You’ll be using this for an facial cleanser and moisturiser from week two. You’ll be able to get a good quality one online. I particularly like the jojoba oil from Starchild.

Budget alternative: any organic, cold pressed coconut oil. This is usually available from supermarkets.

Or, if you have any organic, cold pressed olive oil you could use this instead.


You will be using bentonite clay face packs from week three onwards and will be able to buy a bag online.

If you happen to already have other clays in stock such as rhassoul, fuller’s earth or kaolin then you can use these instead.


I’ll provide a few easy recipes over the coming weeks and you should easily be able to adapt some of your own favourites, but I do recommend that you buy either of Hemsley + Hemsley’s books: The Art of Eating Well, Good and Simple or Eat Happy for a truly delicious and nourishing range of Glow with Flo! suitable foods. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to adapt all your meals, but there are some delicious “tweaks” in store for you!)

Good Foods to Buy in

You don’t need any of these – they are just good, sustaining and nourishing foods that you might find you want to increase during the four weeks.


Throughout the plan I recommend that you avoid all table salt but that you have as much sea or rock salt as your taste buds prefer.


Make sure that you only buy butter from pastured (i.e. outdoor bred and grass fed) cows. Throughout the course you will want to avoid all margarines and other butter substitutes.


The nutritional profile of eggs from hens that have full access to sunlight and are allowed their natural diet are far superior to even free-range labelled eggs and are safer to consume raw (don’t worry, I’m not going to be asking you to drink whole raw eggs!) These may need sourcing in advance as not all supermarkets will stock them. There is no daily limit on eggs.


Kombucha, milk kefir and water kefir are all available from good health food shops or online; or you can make your own. I’ll officially introduce you to these in the final week but you may like to start making, buying and drinking them earlier, a 250ml glass daily is generally beneficial.


You will be able to buy live sauerkraut or kimchi online or to make your own. I’ll officially introduce you to these in the final week but there’s no reason you can’t get going with these sooner! Consuming a tablespoon a day of any fermented veggies is generally beneficial.


If you don’t grow your own or have a regular farmer’s market to buy your veggies from I recommend ordering in a veg box delivery. I’ll be talking to you about good ways to incorporate more veggies into your meals in week three but if you want to get going sooner I’m certainly not going to stop you! Order in a smaller box than you think you need so as not to get overwhelmed.