Shopping List for Flojo’s Easy Detox

If you are unable to source any of these items please feel free to email me for recommendations

Stevita Liquid Extract

While there are other stevia drops available, this is the brand that I recommend. Stevia drops will be the only form of sweetener that you will be using on this course.

Sea salt, rock salt or pink Himalayan salt

Throughout the course I recommend that you avoid all table salt but that you have as much sea or rock salt as your taste buds prefer.

A range of green teas and/or herbal teas

Many clients also like to replace their tea with redbush tea.

Nut milks and/or coconut milk

Make sure that you buy an unsweetened version.

live yoghurt or coconut yoghurt

Ensure that you only buy unsweetened and unflavoured versions. CoYo is becoming increasingly available in UK supermarkets.


You will find that you get through a surprising amount of butter on this course! Make sure that you only buy butter from pastured (i.e. outdoor bred and grass fed) cows. Throughout the course you will want to avoid all margarines and other butter substitutes.

Olive oil

A quality, organic olive oil is what you want here. You may wish to purchase one bottle for the kitchen and one to use as a self-care product (week three onwards.)

Eggs from organic, pastured hens

The nutritional profile of eggs from hens that have full access to sunlight and are allowed their natural diet are far superior to even free-range labelled eggs and are safer to consume raw (don’t worry, I’m not going to be asking you to drink whole raw eggs!) These may need sourcing in advance as not all supermarkets will stock them. There is no daily limit on eggs during this course.

Nut butters and / or seed butters

The only tricky bit is to pick your favourites! Coconut butter (rather than coconut oil) is also delicious and makes a lovely spread. Please note that throughout the course I recommend you avoid peanuts or peanut butter.

Optional extras

Unwaxed lemons, dark chocolate (at least 85% cocoa solids), your favourite nuts; chia seeds, ground flaxseeds, organic berries (you’ll need to store these in your freezer), rolled oats, ground almonds, bacon from pastured pigs, delicious cold pressed oils for drizzling such as avocado or hazelnut oil, and / or organic cold pressed coconut oil

Body brush

A wooden body brush with natural bristles. Ideally this should have a detachable long handle for reaching the middle of your back. You will need this from the start of week one.

Epsom Salts

You will need Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulphate salts from week two onwards to use in bathing or foot baths. Around 3kg should be enough.

Local, seasonal and organic vegetables

For weeks three and four (feel free to use sooner though!). You may want to order an organic vegbox delivery for these weeks.

White vinegar

A large bottle for non-toxic household cleaning. You will need this for week four.

Extra Recipes

I’ll provide a few easy recipes over the coming weeks and you should be able to adapt some of your own favourites, but Hemsley + Hemsley’s book “The Art of Eating Well” is worth buying for an incredible range of Flojo’s Easy Detox suitable meals. Just avoid their recipes with honey or maple syrup for now – you can look forward to these at the end of the four weeks!

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