Optimum health requires us to honour some of the most basic human requirements; those of quality sunlight, movement, nutrition & hydration, breathing and sleep. We will cover elements of each of these in your consultations but here are some useful resources that you may find interesting in the meantime!



Recommended Reading

Katy Bowman: Move Your DNA

Mark Sisson: Primal Endurance

Nutrition & Hydration

Riverford Organic

Fantastic seasonal vegetables and pastured meat.

Gazegill Organics

Green Pastures

Recommended Reading

Nora Gedgaudas: Primal Fat Burner

Dave Asprey: Bulletproof. The Cookbook.

Sally Fallon: Nourishing Traditions


Bea Johnson: Zero Waste Home

Beeswax candles

Salt Inhaler

My Easy Breathing and Visualisation Exercise


Michael Breuss: The Power of When