Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan C

Please note that this sheet is specifically designed for coaching clients of Florence Neville and so must not be passed on for use by others.

Plan C is not a plan-for-life!

Closely sticking to this plan will help to clear up the specific symptoms that we are currently treating. The more closely you can follow it – the sooner your symptoms will subside and we can look at a less restrictive plan. Any “days-off” will mean that your body will need to re-adapt. For instance, just one gluten-containing meal could take up to three days to recover from. If there are elements that you are finding difficult please contact me as soon as possible so that we can do some trouble-shooting.

Keep me posted on how you are doing with this plan – ideally checking in once a week. Please write all emails as a reply to your most recent appointment email (headed “Health and Nutrition…”) so that all our communications are kept in one place.


  • Strictly no gluten, sugar, caffeine or alcohol.
  • High fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate (approx 70:20:10)
  • Plenty of water.
  • At least one teaspoon of sea salt or Himalyan pink salt daily – mostly in the morning. This can easily be dissolved in warm water and drunk.
  • Plenty of local and seasonal vegetables (although root vegetables are best left until the evening meal) served with liberal amounts of butter, olive or avocado oil.
  • Only a minimal amount of local and seasonal fruit to be consumed.
  • Cooking fats should be lard, dripping, butter or ghee from pastured animals or coconut oil.


Very high fat, some protein, little to no carbohydrates


High fat, moderate protein, little to no carbohydrates (all vegetables except root vegetables are good to include.) If you are not hungry then it is fine to skip lunch.

  • SuperSoup
  • Omelette and a large salad with plenty of olive oil or avocado
  • Big Pan of Greens (with a source of protein)
  • Deli Platter (a selection of deli meats, cheeses, olives, avocado, vegetable crudites etc.)
  • Salad with cooked meats/tinned fish, nuts/seeds and plenty of oil-based dressing

Also refer to my Seasonal Vegetable Recipes

Evening Meal

Moderate fat, moderate protein, moderate carbohydrates (all vegetables including root vegetables are good to include.)

Whenever possible make extra so that you can use leftovers as pre-prepared lunch

Also refer to my Seasonal Vegetable Recipes


Ideally you won’t need snacks on a regular basis but please keep select items in stock in order to refuel immediately after stressful situations. 

  • Bedtime Yoghurt Snack
  • While these shouldn’t be consumed regularly (once or twice a week maximum) Grenade Carb Killa high protein bars can be useful to keep in a bag, at work or in your car for emergencies. Some supermarkets now stock these.
  • Primal Power Whey Protein powder can be transported in a drinking cup and then mixed with dairy, coconut or nut milk when needed. This mix can also be blended with extra MCT oil, berries or extra flavouring
  • Gluten-free protein bars
  • Grain Free Granola by The Paleo Foods Co. can be eaten dry or with milk/yoghurt


  • Green Pastures Cod liver oil: two capsules to be taken once a day.
  • Nutrigold Antarctic Krill oil: two capsules to be taken once a day
  • Natural Stacks MagTech Magnesium: one tablet to be taken with breakfast and one or two tablets to be taken with evening meal.
  • Solaray Timed Release Vitamin C: one capsule to be taken with breakfast and one capsule to be taken with evening meal
  • Terranova Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin C: one capsule to be taken with breakfast and one capsule to be taken with evening meal


Follow guidelines for supporting your cortisol cycle.

When necessary refer to sleep tips.

Useful Links


Epsom Salt baths

Toxin Free Household Cleaners

Toxin Free Self Care

Exercise Resources

Useful Recipe Books

  • Hemsley Hemsley: The Art of Eating Well (highly recommended)
  • Nora Gedgaudas: Primal Fat Burner
  • Dave Asprey: Bulletproof, The Cookbook
  • Martina Slajerova: Sweet and Savory Fat Bombs (good for homemade high-fat emergency snacks)