Nourish, Align & Transform

Most of my clients come to me with a wide range of physical and emotional health challenges which at first glance often seem complicated, unrelated and insurmountable.

I see my role as taking a tangle of health “threads” and gently teasing out the knots so that we can, over time, end up with a smooth “ball of yarn” that we can knit back together again into something beautiful and uniquely you!

Autoimmune diseases, digestive distress, high anxiety levels or depression; inflammatory conditions, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, hormonal imbalance, skin conditions, general burnout? These are all areas that respond well when we put plans in place that treat the individual rather than the symptoms.

You won’t find any low-fat, calorie-restricting, cardio-workout, superfood-chugging, chocolate-avoiding, ricecake-eating, bootcamp, low-salt, meal-replacement approaches in my practice!

So, what can you expect?


Firstly I will be helping you to increase time-honoured foods and practices that truly nourish you.

We’ll be looking at what your ancestors thrived on in terms of nutrients, sunlight and sleep.

We’ll look at what your health patterns since birth were trying to tell you in terms of what you actually needed in order to feel sustained, content and happy.

And we’ll go through your current symptoms to figure what your unique physiology requires right now in order to feel energised and revitalised.

It is likely that I’ll be recommending abundant seasonal vegetables served with plenty of butter; an increase in delicious, traditionally-prepared and nutrient-dense real food; and a ban on margarine.

You may be surprised to see an increase in salt, sunbathing and saturated fat. And I will be showing you how coffee, chocolate and cholesterol are not the demons the media makes them out to be.

You’ll also find out the difference between using targeted, quality supplements as therapeutic healing agents and taking generic multivitamins as a just-in-case measure. And I won’t ever ask you to count calories!

Working with Florence was a wonderful experience. Together we looked at food in a positive, creative and deeply nurturing way, exploring eating as part of a holistic whole body/mind experience.
Florence gave me a whole new outlook on food. For the first time in many years I saw food as something really enjoyable and not only life sustaining but life affirming.
I highly recommend working with Florence, she is so supportive and positive.



Everyone is, whether knowingly or not, affected by the seasons, the moon phases and their own twenty four hour circadian rhythms.

Women are also particularly influenced by the phases of the menarche, of menstruation cycles, of motherhood and by the menopause.

In my practice I teach clients how these patterns cause hormone fluctuations which require adapted nutrient intakes and lifestyle changes in order to become truly balanced and in-the-flow.

The more we turn away from the nutrition, movement, sunlight, fresh air and sleep patterns that sustained our ancestors for thousands of years; and the more we rely on processed food, gym routines, artificial lighting, air-conditioning and disrupted sleep, then the more pressure we put on our health, and particularly our stress hormones.

Without taking a “hair-shirt” approach I make recommendations as to how to apply an ancestral approach to modern living in order to help your health become more aligned with that of your own life cycles, the seasons, and of the environment itself.


When you learn to eat and live in a way that honours your unique heritage, that allows your body to regain balance, and that clears your head from brain-fog, depression and constant anxiety you pave the way for profound changes to take place!

True healing means that you gain the strength to leave behind old expectations and unhealthy paradigms; and to live in a way that aligns with your beliefs, passions and hopes.

Good health isn’t simply the releasing of bad health. 

It’s waking up with enthusiasm and vitality and getting a satisfyingly sound night’s sleep.

It’s getting to actually enjoy your meals rather than using food as a tool.

It’s enjoying your day, knowing that you can overcome whatever challenges get thrown at you.

It’s the sparkle in your eye, the smoulder in your smile, the strength in your constitution and the spring in your step.

It’s about thriving rather than just surviving.

If you would like to work with me to discover your unique path to nourishing, aligning and transforming yourself then please contact me here to arrange a consultation!