Living Joyfully with the Seasons

A disconnect with seasonal energy is all too common in our hectic, deadline-driven lives spurred on with twenty four hour shopping, fluorescent lighting, air conditioning, wifi and air-freighted foods.

Burnout, Seasonal Affective Disorder, insomnia, anxiety, over eating, and general feelings of dissatisfaction are all common symptoms of trying to live our lives the same all year round.

And we tend to fire-fight these symptoms with medication, caffeine, junk foods and alcohol in an attempt to kickstart our already exhausted adrenal systems; setting in motion a cycle of stress, fatigue and general lack of joy.

But what if I told you that you could increase your energy, improve your health, feel significantly happier and truly enjoy healthy food all year round simply from understanding how to live with the seasons?

This wisdom could change your life!

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers up five seasons: Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter; each of which governs different emotions, body organs, tastes, colours and foods. I work with these elements in my coaching practice, my wellness work and in my own day-to-day practices.

Would you…

  • like to understand how the seasons affect your emotions, your energy levels, your stress patterns and your requirements for different foods?
  • be interested in learning lifestyle practices that fit easily into your existing routines and actually create more time and energy in your day?
  • enjoy some quick-to-prepare and nutrient-dense seasonal recipes that make cooking and eating a joyful and nourishing experience?
  • value simple tips on gently changing your home environment so that you feel the call of the seasons even while you are not outside?

My workshops, held in the beautiful and tranquil setting of Oak Tree Barn in Burrington, North Somerset will provide all this while giving you the confidence to make gentle changes helping you feel more connected to the seasons’ energies.

Learn how to cherish and support your own health and happiness

Create your own vision of what seasonal living might look like for you

Take home a goodie bag with herbal teas, recipes and seasonal goodies

Make new friends and eat delicious home baked cake!

Seasonal Living is joyful living

Picture yourself stretching luxuriously in dappled morning light at the base of a woodland tree. Birds are flying around in the greenery above you and you feel ready to take on the rest of the day.

Compare that with the energy of joyfully singing with friends as you make your way to the beach for a sunny day out.

Now taste the sweetness of a home baked apple pie that you picnic on in the golden afternoon light surrounded by your loved ones.

Breathe deeply and smell the smoke in the air as you kick your way through crisp fallen leaves at dusk.

Finally, hear the crunch underfoot as you trudge through snow drifts on your dark and solitary walk home to candlelight, warm, heavy blankets; a pan of rich, salty broth and hot, buttered toast.

All of these gloriously hygge moments help to give you an idea of how seasonal living connects you, grounds you and revitalises you. I’d really love to help you explore how to immerse yourself in the five seasons. Will you come and join us?

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