How to Snack!

Ideally, we want to avoid snacking. Our bodies need time in between meals to carry out various biological functions which get interrupted when we eat more than two or three times a day.

However sometimes, when we don’t hit our protein and fat requirements at mealtimes, or we overdid carbs at the last meal and now have low blood-sugar; or something stressful just happened… at these times it is worth some advance preparation to avoid filling up on less helpful foods.

Please note that I do not recommend commercially available plant-based protein bars, the hidden sugar content is likely to upset your insulin-cortisol cycle.

  • Very dark chocolate with nut butter
  • Gently roast and salt a tray of nuts. Add herbs or spices as preferred. Store in a jar and keep in car or in an office drawer etc.
  • Beef jerky or biltong. Check the ingredients list to avoid unnecessary additives and added sugars
  • Pork scratchings. These should only be from outdoor raised pigs and with no additives other than salt. Good for carrying around
  • Once a week hard-boil a pan of eggs and roast a tray of sausages with high meat content. Store in the fridge
  • Left over roast meat with sticks of carrot, pepper, celery, cucumber etc.
  • Olives and cured meats
  • Bone broth can be warmed in the morning and stored in a vacuum flask for later in the day
  • Vanilla smoothie
  • Cacao smoothie
  • Cacao elixir
  • Hot coconut and vanilla shake
  • Whey protein drink
  • Molasses cookies
  • Bedtime yoghurt snack