Going low-carb. The first few weeks

Limiting dietary carbohydrates (carbs) is an extremely beneficial practice for most (not all) people. If we have a agreed on a low-carb approach in your coaching sessions we will be using trial and error to find out what is an optimal level for you, at this stage in your life. We will also discuss, and maybe experiment with, different methods of reducing carbs.

However, most people will experience some uncomfortable symptoms during the first few weeks of reducing their carb intake. Fatigue, brain fog, sleep disturbances, overwhelming carb-carvings, nausea, frequent urination, constipation or diarrhea, aching muscles and feeling overly-emotional are all possible but temporary ‘side-effects.’

The following points are designed to help ease your transition into a lower-carb life. I suggest that you follow all of them to reduce the time you feel rough for and to increase energy levels. As always, email me if you need extra support or need to ask questions in between appointments!

  • keep your fluids up – you will need to drink more water than usual
  • increase your salt intake – this will help keep you hydrated
  • drink extra bone broth
  • consider taking extra magnesium
  • avoid all cardio exercise until you get your energy back (cardio requires your body to burn glucose, if you don’t have enough readily available then your body gets into an exaggerated cortisol-insulin cycle which will likely derail your efforts)
  • appreciate that your hunger levels may be high for a while – don’t restrict fat and protein at the same time
  • also appreciate that you might lose your appetite for a while. It will settle
  • find ways to distract yourself from any cravings for carbohydrates
  • sleep – you will need extra sleep while your body adjusts
  • remember that this will pass and you should start to feel pretty good soon!