Glow with Flo! Week Two

Nourish Your Gut, Nourish Your Skin

Hello beautiful! How was your first week?!

So far you have been gently healing your gut and skin with collagen and vitamin C, using water and body brushing to help flush out cellular rubbish; and reducing your sugar intake.

How about we crank it up a little now?

This week we’re going to start embracing key nurturing fats and oils.

If you have dry skin you’ll know that splashing it with water doesn’t moisturise it, you’ll just make your skin wet for a bit. But if you wet your skin and then rub a spot of oil in?

Now that, my friend, is where the magic begins!

We need both water and oil for optimum hydration. You can easily see that glorious oil and water alchemy get to work on your skin cells, but every single one of your cells (whether they are in your brain, your digestive system, your reproductive organs or your arteries etc.) need this dynamic duo for your body to function.

Are you ready to moisturise yourself from the inside out?

Then let’s begin!

Eat Fat

Eating enough of the right kinds of fats will help you to utilise all those lovely vitamins provided in veggies while reducing sugar cravings, enhancing the taste of your meals, enabling all your cells  to work, reducing your chances of most chronic diseases, increasing your energy levels and… getting your glow on!

Unfortunately, the fat that drips off pizza, crisps and chips isn’t going to do the same job. That’s more like coating your skin in engine oil. Yeuch!

But the right kinds of fats? Unprocessed and naturally occurring fats from animals raised organically and outdoors; and from plants grown in mineral-rich organic soil? Every single cell in your body is going to love you for providing them with these elixirs of youthfulness. I kid you not!

Here is how I use fats for mine and my family’s health:

  • I cook with butter, lard (from organically raised and pastured pigs) or coconut oil.
  • I always cook or serve green veggies with a generous slice of butter
  • I drizzle cold pressed olive, nut and seed oils over salads
  • We eat a lot of eggs (from organically raised and outdoor living hens)
  • I use a lot of full-fat coconut milk in recipes.
  • I don’t throw out the fat from roasts (which are always from organically raised and pastured animals)
  • We don’t shy away from nuts and seeds

For the rest of this plan could you try and get comfortable with these practices on a regular basis? You might like to write the above list down and see how often you can tick each item off over the following three weeks.

Sometimes my clients find the idea of nourishing themselves with fats difficult because they’ve been taught that fats are fattening and cause our arteries to fur up. Neither of these could be further from the truth. Unrefined and undamaged fats from select sources are vital for optimum health and will really help you glow.

If you aren’t sure where to start with increasing your glow-amplifying fats then you might like to try my satiating and delicious recipes for cacao elixirs and  nut butter. Show me your creations on Instagram and Twitter! #GlowWithFlo

Drink Water

How did you get on with drinking your water last week?

Can we raise the game a little here?

In addition to that mid morning and mid afternoon 250ml glass of water I’d like you to drink 250mls when you wake up in the morning and another mid-evening (don’t turn that TV on before you’ve downed a glass!)

Add a few slices of lemon or cucumber to your water glass if you like. Or steep mint sprigs or slices of ginger in hot water. Freeze edible flowers, herbs or berries into ice-cubes. Whatever encouragement you need to get you through your litre of water each day!

That water is going to help your lymph system to flush out the rubbish that you don’t need. It’s going to keep those cells hydrated. And, it’s going to help you to glow! (woohoo!)

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil provides concentrated and easily utilized forms of Omega 3 fatty acids and the fat soluble vitamins A, D. All of these are absolutely vital for restoring clear, soft and supple skin. This wonderful nutrient combo helps alleviate:

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • acne
  • dry and rough patches
  • scar tissue
  • sun damage
  • inflammation
  • early-onset wrinkles.

Those same golden capsules are also going to support your body with every single metabolic process that it carries out every minute of the day.

Long term use will help your eyes and teeth to sparkle, your hair to get thicker and glossier, and your skin to become smooth and evenly toned. Something to look forward to right?!

The dosage is two capsules a day but note that taking your cod liver oil at the same time as a fat-containing meal is most effective at helping you to absorb the vitamins.

Oil Cleansing

There’s a quick evening routine I’d like you to follow for the next three weeks to get a feel for how using oils directly on your skin can really help you glow! Are you feeling up for trying it?

It’ll take you hardly any time, reduces your toxic load from commercial cleansers and heals and nourishes your skin at the same time. Even better, oil cleansing is suitable for all skin types.

Click on the photo below for instructions.



Nourish your Gut, Nourish your Skin: A Summary

And with that, that’s everything on your Glow with Flo! list for this second week! Everything you need to help renew and restore your gut and skin. Would you like a quick summary? Ok, here goes:

  • Water – at least four 250ml glasses a day
  • Sugar – have less than last week!
  • Fat – include one or more of the good ones with every meal
  • Collagen – two tablespoons a day
  • Vitamin C – at least 1,000mg a day
  • Cod Liver Oil – two capsules a day
  • Body Brushing – three minutes a day
  • Jojoba oil – for skin cleansing and moisturising

Don’t forget that you can always email me if you want to discuss any element of this plan!

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