Glow with Flo! Week Three

Cleanse Your Gut, Cleanse Your Skin

Hello beautiful! Now you are halfway through the plan – how are you feeling?!

So far you have been gently healing your gut and skin with collagen and vitamin C, nourishing them with oils and water;  flushing out cellular waste with body brushing and water drinking; cutting back on your sugar intake and treating your wonderful skin with golden jojoba oil.

Your body will be pretty happy with you right now.

Only thing is, now you’ve helped your body, it’s going to want to help you a bit too. It’s going to want to clear out a bit of the rubbish it didn’t want.

Got the odd spot coming up or a bit of bloating? Found yourself rushing to the loo or noticing your armpits are a little more pungent than usual? Think of it like a spring clean – better out than in!

This week you are going to provide your body with some effective spring cleaning tools!

Eat Veggies!

Organic, local and seasonal vegetables are jam packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants that all contribute to radiant skin, sparkling eyes and dazzling teeth.

You know this.

So why is it so hard to meet our veggie targets each day?

Boredom? Time? Expense? Inconvenience? Taste?

OK, the first thing I want you to do is to hop on over to my site suggestions for seasonal vegetables, read up on the season that we’re in right now and see what takes your fancy. I only post recipes that are delicious, quick to make, faff-free and don’t use hundreds of ingredients so that’s half the battle won!

Don’t forget that there are plenty of mouth-watering veggie dishes in the cookery books I recommended during your preparation week too.

Next I’d like you to go see what is in your fridge right now. What veggies do you have lurking in there? What do they inspire you to make? Soup? Salad? A tray of roast veggies? A big pan of greens? I’ve got your back baby! If you are still stumped for ideas this week email me to let me know what vegetables you have to work with and I’ll help you brainstorm ideas! How’s that for service?!

As long as you have plenty of butter, salt, pepper, herbs and spices you should always be able to rustle up a mouth-wateringly delicious main or side dish with the veggies you have in your fridge.

If you don’t have easy access to local and seasonal veg I’d recommend you order in a weekly delivery. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a massive family sized box, just get a little one that always contains the basics and includes a few out-of-the-ordinary items each week. This way you get the glow-providing nutrients you need exactly when you need them.

Go prep some veggies now. Enhance the glow!

Drink Water

How are you managing on a full litre of water each day? Can you put that up now?

Drinking a full two litres of water each day is really going to help your body to clean up and reveal that nice glow you’ve been working on.

In addition to those first-thing-in-the-morning, mid morning, mid afternoon and mid evening 250ml glasses of water I’d like you to down another 250ml glass with each meal and snack. That should have you comfortably consuming 2 litres each day for the next two weeks. Perfect!

Eat charcoal

Er, no… Put the charcoal briquettes down!

Coconut charcoal is made from very finely ground and purified coconut shells. Each fine grain is capable of absorbing around 100x its own weight in toxins, and so is ideal in cases of accidental poisoning or even the occasional hangover!

However, for the purposes of this Glow with Flo! plan we are looking at coconut charcoal’s unique ability to bind with toxins in the gut ready to be safely eliminated. Because when your gut is overloaded with rubbish it will show in your skin.

The dosage you want while you are on this plan is two capsules a day but note that it is vital to take charcoal away from any medication or other supplements. If you are not taking medications at night then I would recommend taking your charcoal capsules with the last glass of water of your day.

Clay masks

Using naturally mineral rich bentonite clay as a face mask is a highly effective method of removing toxins from the body through the skin. This is due to the clay’s magnetic charge which attracts impurities, ready to be rinsed away.

Apply a clay mask two or three times both this week and next week to see your skin become noticeably refined and to effectively reduce any inflamed spots that might have popped up.

Click on the photo below for instructions:



Cleanse your Gut, Cleanse your Skin: A Summary

There’s quite a bit to remember now, but I reckon you are more than up to the challenge! Remember, everything you are doing so far is helping to soothe, cherish and purify your gut and skin so that you get to reveal your glow to the world!

  • Water – at least eight 250ml glasses a day
  • Sugar – can you have even less than last week?
  • Fat – include one or more of the good ones with every single meal
  • Vegetables – eat as many organic and seasonal veggies as you can each day
  • Collagen – two tablespoons a day
  • Vitamin C – at least 1,000mg a day
  • Cod Liver Oil – two capsules a day
  • Charcoal – two capsules a day (away from other supplements and from medication)
  • Body Brushing – three minutes a day
  • Jojoba oil – for skin cleansing and moisturising
  • Clay masks – two or three this week

And do please drop me an email to let me know how it’s going, to ask me to explain anything in further detail or to help you brainstorm how to fit all these glow enhancing factors into your life!

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