Glow with Flo! Week one

Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Skin

Hello and welcome! I’m so glad that you are here and I’m really looking forward to hearing how you get on.

I want to tell you something really important before we start though. An important truth that you might not be ready to hear just yet. But a truth nonetheless.

You are already beautiful.

Got that?

You. Are. Beautiful. Right. Now.

It’s super important that you recognise that during these four weeks because Glow with Flo! is a celebration of you and your natural, innate, undeniable gorgeousness.


Glow with Flo! is about celebrating your beautiful self by revealing a more glowing, lustrous and sparkly version of you!

Still not convinced? Put your preconceptions away right now because we’ve got work to do and it’s going to be exceedingly rewarding!

So, my beautiful friend – are you ready to hit the ground running? There’s quite a lot to get through this week and so, if it’s ok with you, I’d like to get you started with the basics right now.

Oooh! Before you read on though could you just do me a favour? Could you take a quick selfie on your smartphone? Sweep your hair back, hold your phone out at arms length, give yourself a big smile and then click! Then forget about it. No obsessing about, well, anything. I just want you to have a before-you-get-your-glow-on shot to compare with the after-you-get-your-glow-on photo that you’ll be taking in a few weeks time.

Right, let’s get going…


Drinking clean, fresh water is vital for getting your glow on. But if you don’t yet have a regular habit please don’t start chugging water back in large quantities because your body won’t know what to do with the increase and you’ll overwork your kidneys and yes, you’ll be on the loo constantly!

So here’s what I’d like you to do. This week I’d like you to drink a 250ml glass of water mid-morning and a 250ml glass of water mid-afternoon. Every single day. If you think you’ll forget then set a couple of reminders to flash up on your phone.

That’s doable right?

Those of you that regularly down at least two litres of water a day – just keep on doing what you do. Keep up the good work!


Sugar, in all its forms, sets off a biochemical chain of reactions that contribute to early onset wrinkles, dullness, dryness, puffiness, acne, eczema and psoriasis. For just four short weeks can you cut right back on it?

I know that this might be a big ask for you but the more you can cut down on sugar the better for both your digestive system and your skin.

Here are some tips:

  • replace sugar in hot drinks with stevia drops (derived from the stevia leaf)
  • make your own low-sugar cakes and biscuits with small amounts of pure honey or maple syrup (I can personally vouch for the extreme deliciousness of the Hemsley + Hemsley baking recipes which use a minimum of these ingredients to good effect)
  • limit any fruit consumption to local, seasonal and organic produce
  • avoid dried fruit (it’s just four weeks!)

There, that’s not too bad is it?

A word of caution though: think twice before you include artificial sweeteners! Most commercially produced sugar alternatives cause extreme disruption to your gut microbes (more on this in week four) and will most certainly dull your glow!

My cacao smoothie recipe delivers a naturally sweet hit without loading up on too much sugar! Drink this as often as you like!


Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. From sealing-and-healing our guts to repairing joints, healing wounds, building muscle and strengthening hair, nails and teeth, it’s one of the hardest working collection of amino-acids in the building.

If we are super vigilant at getting a wide variety of nutrients in our diet then we can make enough collagen to support hydrated, smooth and glowing skin but we can easily fast track the process by consuming extra in the form of bone broth, supplemental collagen or even a homemade jelly (jelly is made from gelatin, a component of collagen.)

For this Glow with Flo! plan you’ll want to include two tablespoons of collagen hydrolysate powder into your daily routine. Don’t worry, it’s very mild tasting – in some recipes it’ll be completely undetectable.

Here are some tips for how you can achieve this:

  • Stir a teaspoon into every hot drink you have during the day
  • Blend a tablespoon into a smoothie or a bowl of porridge
  • Add two tablespoons to a portion of soup
  • Combine two tablespoons per person in any stew, chilli or curry recipe you make
  • Try making my molasses cookies

And if you have the time or the inclination I wholeheartedly recommend making up a batch of delicious, nourishing and sustaining bone broth every week for drinking or adding to recipes.

I award an extra arbitrary two stars to anyone who makes broth each week!

Vitamin C

In order to synthesize abundant collagen in the body we also need a good dose of vitamin C which is surprisingly difficult to get significant quantities of from food alone.

Vitamin C is incredible for immunity, wound healing, heart health and… promoting glowing skin! It’s worth topping up our intake right?

While the Vitamin C RDA is set just at the minimum amount we need to avoid scurvy we can tolerate and utilise significantly higher quantities.

You’ll know when you’ve hit your personal upper limit because you’ll find yourself with loose stools while your body flushes out the excess. 

For the purposes of this Glow with Flo! plan, downing a 1,000mg dose with your morning glass of water will do rather nicely in supporting collagen metabolism, warding off “detox acne” and putting some colour back in your cheeks.

If you can tolerate it, try taking a second 1,000 mg dose with your evening meal for extra sparkle!

Body Brushing

In order to help stimulate your body into producing its own collagen, to support your lymphatic system in clearing waste, to increase blood flow and to encourage your skin to reveal its natural sparkle I would like you to incorporate a daily skin-brushing session into your morning routine.

You’ll want to brush your skin while it’s dry so do it before you shower, bathe or moisturise. It’s best to do this three minute routine in the morning but if you don’t have the time feel free to do it in the evening.

Just click on the photo below for instructions!




Heal your Gut, Heal your Skin: A summary

Everything on your Glow with Flo! list for this first week is designed to gently soothe your gut, which in turn will soothe and gently harmonise your skin.

  • Water – at least two 250ml glasses a day
  • Sugar – just avoid it
  • Collagen – two tablespoons a day
  • Vitamin C – at least 1,000mg a day
  • Body Brushing – three minutes a day

Got questions? No problems! Just email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

And remember:

You Are Beautiful!

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