Glow with Flo! Questions

Thank you so much for taking part in this beta round of Glow with Flo! I hope that you are enjoying it and that you see many fabulous benefits over the coming weeks.

In order that I can make tweaks to ensure future clients fully benefit from this plan I would be grateful if you would send me your feedback on Friday (or Saturday at the latest!) each week. To do this please:

  1. copy and paste the questionnaire (below) into an email to me
  2. fill in your answers with as much detail as possible
  3. hit that “send” button

As soon as I have this email from you I will send you out the next week’s worksheet.

With love, Flo xx

p.s. if you are having some trouble copy + pasting from a smartphone or tablet try selecting the last word of the questionnaire below and working up! Sometimes this works better than starting at the beginning and working down… Alternatively, jot the questions down on a piece of paper and just email me the answers. Thank you!



Which week are you on?

What about this course are you enjoying about this week?

Are there any of my recipes that you are particularly enjoying?

Is there anything about the course that you are finding difficult this week?

Are there any of my recommendations (supplements, food etc.) that you are not following this week and can you tell me why?

Did you find my explanations/instructions/recipes helpful? Did you need/want more/less information? Please tell me how I could have improved:

Did you notice any typos?! Were there any sentences or passages that you felt needed work?

What benefits from this course are you seeing so far?

What advice or help relating to the course would you personally like from me this week?

Anything else about this course that you would like to tell me or ask me?

Please write me a sentence or two that I can quote you for publicity (I will use first names only):