Glow with Flo! Preparation Week

Welcome to Glow with Flo!

Glow with Flo! is a little different from other plans that you may have done in the past because, rather than leaving you to work through the material by yourself, I am here for you all the way through!

Why is that important?

  • If you aren’t sure whether any of my recommendations (including if you have any dietary restrictions) are suitable for you then you can simply email me so that we can figure it out together.
  • If you have medical conditions or are on medication for anything, let me know as soon as possible so that we can check for contraindications.
  • If you are having difficulties with any element of the plan or need a spot of cheerleading then I am here (sporting both my thinking hat and my pom-poms) to offer support.
  • If you want to share your  successes and revelations then I want to hear about them!

My online plans work best when clients help me to keep the conversation going. In this way you get to work one-on-one with a health and nutrition coach and I have the honour of getting to know you a little better! An all round win!

Preparation Week

The very first thing I need you to do is to email me with:

  1. any conditions you currently have (pregnancy, heart conditions, digestive disorders etc.) that you would like me to be aware of. Please note that any information you give me is entirely confidential.
  2. any medications or regular supplements that you currently take and would like me to check for contraindications.
  3. any other other concerns you have

Next you will need to have a look at my recommended shopping list. Don’t panic! I know that it looks like a lot but:

  1. some of the items you won’t need for a few weeks yet
  2. some of the items you may already have in stock
  3. every single one of the items are optional. I don’t want to do you a disservice by withholding recommendations that will help you to enhance your glow but do feel free to pick and choose according to your budget.

And then? Start getting excited! I think you are going to enjoy the next four weeks!

Questions You Might Have

Q: Remind me what I signed up for again!

A: Here’s the link  🙂

Q: Do I have to do and buy everything?

A: Absolutely not! You don’t actually have to do or buy anything at all. It is really important to remember that what you do and how you eat is your choice, not mine.

If you would like to follow the recommendations then you are likely reap some truly glow-tastic benefits! If you choose not to follow some of the recommendations then you will likely experience fewer benefits. This is entirely up to you.

Q: What benefits will I see from Glow with Flo?

A: As a valued member of the Glow with Flo! tester team that’s what I’m hoping you’ll be able to tell me soon!! In particular, watch out for signs of:

  • clearer skin with reduced congestion
  • plumper, smoother skin
  • soothed dry or oily patches
  • less inflammation, redness and rough patches
  • smoother digestion
  • increased vitality levels
  • a better understanding of how to nourish yourself
  • a new found enjoyment of practising some great long term habits
  • an increase in confidence
  • Inner and Outer Glow!

Keep me posted…

Q: What day of the week do I start?

A: I will have each of the worksheet links ready to send you on Fridays. Feel free to start on the Saturday, Sunday or Monday of each week – whichever suits you best.

I will need your weekly questionnaires (linked at the end of each worksheet) back by the Friday of each week. As soon as I receive these I will send you the link to the next worksheet.

Please note that I will need your final evaluation on or by Monday the 1st of October and your testimonial by the 6th of October.

Q: What happens after the four week plan?

A: You may want to continue following the plan for the near future or you may feel like returning to business-as-usual. I am happy to recommend a reading list if you would like to explore some of the changes you made in this course.

Alternatively, if you’d like some long term support, I would love for you to sign up with me for a personalised health and nutrition coaching plan.

Q: What happens if I don’t get an email from you that I was expecting?

A: It’s rare, but it has been known for me not to send out a worksheet or to not to reply to an emailed question. It’s nothing personal, I just have a few self-organising issues!

I would be super grateful if you’d send me a quick “Oi!” email if I haven’t sent you the next worksheet or if it has taken me more than 48 hours to reply to an email from you.

Q: Can I share my journey on social media?

A: As long as you don’t post recipes or the actual content of the plan I would love for you to share photos, your results, and glimpses of your journey! Please use #GlowWithFlo (If you’d like to tag me too my accounts are – Instagram: @florenceneville Twitter: @flojoeasydetox)

Q: Do I get continued access to Glow with Flo! after the trial period?

A: In their current format (i.e. available on webpages) I am planning to leave the worksheets accessible for you via my emailed links for at least the next year. If you are unable to access them please email me.

Q: Can I share the information with my friend?

A: Please keep all worksheets and Glow with Flo! content for your own, personal use. If you know someone who might benefit from this plan please put them in touch with me via my contact page!

Q: That was a lot to read! What do I need to do again?

A: Sorry, I do like to bombard people with information… Right now all you need to do is to:

  1. Email me with any concerns
  2. Order in items from your shopping list
  3. Get excited! I will email you with your week one worksheet on the 31st of September!

with love… Flo! xx