Getting started – Shopping list

A selection of items that I recommend you buy in and begin to use before your next appointment. If you are unsure about anything please contact me (as a reply to my email “Health and Nutrition…)


  • Butter or butter ghee should always be from grass fed cows and organic whenever possible. Use for spreading, baking and cooking.
  • Coconut oil. Use for spreading, baking and cooking.
  • Lard should be from pastured pigs. Use for roasting and frying.
  • Olive oil, avocado oil and any nut or seed oils should be organic, cold pressed and only ever used cold or drizzled over warm foods.


  • “Stevita” stevia drops for sweetening liquids.
  • Raw honey and organic maple syrup can be used in small amounts.


  • Sea salt for cooking.
  • Himalayan pink salt for dissolving in drinking water.


  • Dairy milk should always be organic and full fat.
  • Coconut milk should always be full fat.
  • Nut milks should always be unsweetened.


Hemsley + Hemsley: The Art of Eating Well is a great cookbook and is suitable for most of my nutrition recommendations

Where to buy