Flojo’s Easy Detox

Are you feeling fatigued right now? Maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep or you are overstretched from looking after a family, surviving work and trying to maintain some kind of fitness regime. Do you find yourself struggling with brain fog or inexplicably tired muscles; or do you just want the world to stop for a bit so that you can catch your breath?

Do you have a sneaky suspicion that you ought to eat less sweets, chocolate, coffee, toast or biscuits but you can’t find the willpower? And the more you try to limit those very foods – the more you find yourself craving them

Do you find yourself spending hours on social media but then can’t find the time to do things that inspire you or make you feel creatively fulfilled? Are you often irritable or grumpy; or do your friends and family notice that you snap at the smallest things?

Is your skin dull, your stomach bloated and your posture weak? Does not looking your best mean that you don’t feel confident? Does this hold you back from wearing the clothes that you love or are you someone who spends a small fortune trying to find that miracle cream, flattering underwear or distracting nail polish?.

Have you tried detox regimes before and felt cleansed – but also wired, irritable, cold, hungry and craving certain foods? Did you feel denied? Did you find that you lost quite a lot of weight but then put it on immediately after you finished?

Do you ever worry about using so many chemicals in your home to clean and freshen it, and would like to know how to reduce the toxins that you breathe in every day?

Are you concerned that doing a detox course will be expensive, difficult to do, take up lots of time or make you feel isolated or lonely?

Do you want to start a course on a week that suits you? Giving you the choice to avoid school holidays, vacations or or social occasions? Or do you want to finish in time for a big event that has you looking and feeling at your best?

Do you want to work with a coach who is fully qualified to work with your specific health requirements and who won’t be pressuring you to buy any dodgy sounding shakes, meal replacement bars or supplements?

Then Flojo’s Easy Detox could be exactly what you are looking for!

I have designed this course to make sure that you start to feel great from day one and without any of the side-effects that you might feel from a traditional detox.

Still not sure if it’s for you? Here are some comments from some people who have already benefitted from Flojo’s Easy Detox

“Change happens when you make small shifts. I feel like a tight knot has been loosened and I am so hugely excited and grateful.”

“After just a week of starting to re-programme my body and eating habits I felt energised and had a much more positive state of mind.”

“… sleeping, bloating, skin is all better!”

“I’ve loved feeling that I have someone alongside to guide me and make it a personal experience. I’ve never felt awkward asking questions, and I’ve had some really good personalised responses to push me in the right direction.”

“I’ve felt  supported, held and not judged – which is major for me.”

“Your nutritional practice is amazing! I’m in awe of your knowledge!”

“I’m feeling more energised and more in control.”

“My skin feels softer and the dry patches on my elbows have vanished!”

“I really enjoy starting the day, more awake from a better night’s sleep, and feeling refreshed”

“I found it gave me the confidence to make lots of other subtle incremental changes and that has had a knock on effect on everything from work to relationships!”

If you are interested in Flojo’s Easy Detox four week online course and would like to know more then please click here!

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