Flojo’s Easy Detox Week One

A More Gentle Start to the Day

For week one of my easy detox course I am only going to ask you to make changes to the first hour of the day and to your first meal of the day. I won’t ask any more of you, because this is an easy detox course!

  • The breathing exercise I have for you is going to take no more than one minute.
  • I am going to ask you to replace your first caffeinated drink of the day with either hot lemon water or with green/herbal tea.
  • I’d like you to remove all sugar, gluten, dairy, soya and damaged fat sources from your breakfast.
  • And, finally, I’d like you to start dry-skin body brushing before you get yourself ready for the day.

Easy! Ready?

Flojo’s Easy Breathing and Visualisation Exercise

Start every day of this detox course with this exercise (click on the link above – all links on this course will be in red!). It won’t take more than a minute but the benefits last for much, much longer!

Tea, Coffee and “Energy Drinks”

If you are a morning consumer of any caffeinated brew I’d like for you to hold off on that first cup until you have been awake for at least an hour! Caffeine causes a steep increase in cortisol production, which causes an increase in the level of glucose in your blood. This rush of glucose is intended for giving you the energy to deal with emergency situations. (Your morning routine should not regularly contain emergency situations!) Unfortunately it also diverts energy from fuelling your non-emergency functions such as digestion, rebuilding muscle tissue, mental processing, reducing inflammation; and wound healing.

For the purposes of this detox course, don’t substitute with caffeine-free tea and coffee! Instead I’d like your first drink of the day to be one of the following: a mug of hot water with a squeeze of lemon in it, a mug of weak green tea, a mug of redbush tea or a mug of “detox” herbal tea.


In order that we don’t spike your blood sugar (which also messes up your cortisol cycle) so early in the day I’m going to need you to avoid all sugar, including those that occur naturally in fruits. But, because I’m not a complete monster you can, if you like, have a small handful of berries (which are low in sugar) and a small amount of dark chocolate!

I’d also like you to avoid gluten, dairy (with the exception of butter and live, unsweetened yoghurt) soya and damaged fats (such as those in margarines and non-dairy spreads and any “vegetable oil” in ingredient lists) for the first meal of the day. And there’s a ban on artificial sweeteners too. So no fruit, fruit juice, fruit based smoothies, cereals, toast, flavoured yoghurts etc. for your breakfast. Feeling brave? No?

OK! Don’t even think about worrying because I am about to give you just a few quick and easy suggestions which all fit the criteria and will provide you with a nutritious and delicious start to the day. The good fats will fuel you better than sugar, the protein will keep you satiated and each of these suggestions include some smart nutrients to contribute to your inner glow! You can also find more breakfast suggestions on my site florenceneville.com

Feel free to scale up the portion sizes if you don’t feel satiated within 20 mins or so. Many of my clients starting out on this course aren’t used to eating breakfast at all so these suggestions are designed not to over face. But you can double or triple the quantities if you like. This is not a deprivation course! If you are feeling hungry before lunchtime you probably haven’t eaten enough for breakfast.

Also – if you don’t like eating breakfast first thing in the morning, there is no rule that says you have to! Break your overnight fast whenever you feel like it. If you need to eat straight after you wake up – go ahead. If you aren’t hungry until midday – wait until then.

Breakfast Hot Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate has some great antioxidants?! It’s a health food!

Whisk one egg yolk with 200mls unsweetened nut milk or coconut milk in a pan and heat very gently until warm (don’t boil). Add one pinch of salt and 20g dark chocolate (at least 85% cocoa solids.) If you have used nut milk also add 10-15g of unsalted butter. Add three to six stevia drops to taste and whisk to a froth.

You can also add cinnamon, vanilla, or a drop of essential oil such as orange or mint if you like the taste.

Yoghurt Breakfast Bowl

High multiple nutrients from the egg yolk; beneficial probiotics and fibre

Whisk an organic egg yolk with 150ml live, unsweetened yoghurt or plain coconut yoghurt and one tablespoon ground flaxseeds.

Flavour with a pinch of vanilla powder, ground cinnamon, orange zest or lemon zest or with a handful of crushed berries. Sweeten with a drop or two of stevia if wanted.

Top with a few chopped nuts or with a couple of berries.

Chia Breakfast Bowl

High in antioxidants, beneficial fats and flavour

Mix two tablespoons of chia seeds with six tablespoons of unsweetened nut milk or coconut milk. Add a pinch of vanilla or cinnamon if wanted. Leave to sit for fifteen minutes while you carefully dry-fry a handful of crushed walnuts.

Sweeten the seed/milk mixture with a couple of drops of stevia (if wanted) and then serve with a handful of berries and the walnuts.

Coconut Vanilla Smoothie

High in beneficial fats from the egg yolk; beneficial fats and anti-inflammatory vanilla

Blend 200mls coconut milk with an egg yolk and between a quarter to a half a teaspoon of vanilla powder. Sweeten with a drop or two of stevia if wanted.

Quick Granola

Commercial granolas are packed with sugar, but this one is just lovely and nutty!

Melt 20g unsalted butter or coconut oil in a saucepan, add a drop or two of stevia and then stir in ¼ cup of rolled oats, one tablespoon of chopped nuts and one tablespoon of seeds. Add a tablespoon of coconut chips if liked.

Stir continually over a medium heat until the mixture starts to turn darker and you notice a lovely flapjack aroma!

Serve with unsweetened nut milk, live, unsweetened yoghurt or with unsweetened coconut yoghurt.

Overnight Porridge

Soaking your oats overnight makes the nutrients easier for your body to utilize. The butter provides important nutrients as well as beneficial fat.

Soak 1/2 cup of oats and a tablespoon of ground almonds in enough almond milk or water to cover and then leave overnight. In the morning add a tiny pinch of sea salt and 10g of unsalted butter. Gently warm through until the butter has melted, stirring in additional almond milk or water as you go to get the texture you like. Add stevia drops to taste.

Add cinnamon, lightly dry-fried and crushed nuts, blueberries and/or a sprinkling of chia seeds if liked.

Quick Fry Up

Did I tell you yet that this is not your usual detox plan..?

Shape a handful of seasoned pork mince into a patty. Fry in a pan with slices of bacon and a couple of eggs. Add mushrooms and/or halved tomatoes if liked.

Quick Vegetable Hash

No reason not to get some of your five a day in first thing!

Gently fry a few finely sliced vegetables such as onion, courgette, mushrooms, peppers, French beans etc. in a tablespoon of butter. Break a couple of eggs in and stir until the egg is cooked through. Season and serve.

Dry Skin Body Brushing

Do this three minute routine every day of Flojo’s Easy Detox before you get dressed for the day. If you have a shower or bath in the mornings do your dry skin brushing before you get wet!

Week Two

As of next week you will be tweaking a few daily habits

  • Reducing your influence from the news and from social media
  • Increasing the times during the day when you are caffeine-free
  • Gradually increasing the amount of water that you drink each day
  • Removing sugar, gluten, dairy, soya and damaged fat sources from your snacks
  • Taking some Espom salt baths


Any questions? Email me!

Have a Gentle First Week!