Flojo’s Easy Detox Week Four

The Final Push!

The habits that you’ve been building up over the past three weeks should now feel like second nature!

  • You’ve got your breathing exercise and your body brushing built into your morning routine
  • You’ve kept caffeine out of the picture until later in the day
  • You’ve built up your intake of water.
  • You’ve reduced the toxins being absorbed through your skin and lungs
  • You’ve encouraged toxins to leave your body via your daily body brushing, your twice weekly Epsom salt baths/footbaths and your daily twenty minute walk.
  • You’ve also started crowding out some of the negative messages to your mindset by reducing your news and social media input and by running through your affirmation frequently.

That is incredible amount of work for three weeks! You will need to keep up all of those habits created so far in order to support your body in making that final push towards feeling healthier and happier. Because of that I’m not going to add much for this final phase apart from:

  • Making changes to your evening meal
  • Improving your sleep routine
  • Reducing some of the toxins in your household environment.

For this last week all of your food should be completely free from sugar, gluten, dairy, soya, junk and damaged fat sources so you will need to read all labels avidly and, ideally, cook everything from scratch. It’s just not worth a slip up this week, you’re too close to the finish line!

Also, this final week will be completely caffeine free, so that’s no coffee, tea or energy drinks. Not even the decaff versions. It’s only for one week – you can do this!

Drink Water

If you have built up gradually even the most adverse to drinking water among you will find this extra increment easy. You should have developed a taste for it by now! This week you will need to drink a basic minimum of 1.5 litres of water every single day. That’s a small glass with every meal, mid-morning and mid afternoon and an extra one before or after your daily walk.


In order that you get the best quality sleep possible for this week and so to increase your energy levels and reduce sugar and caffeine cravings; I would like for you to do as much of the following as you are able:

  • Keep a routine of going to bed at the same time every night.
  • Turn off your mobile and/or laptop at least an hour before your bedtime.
  • Turn off your wifi overnight.
  • Take one teaspoon of raw honey before bed (and before cleaning your teeth!)
  • Cover or tape over any light sources in your bedroom (clock lights, monitor lights, a thick blanket over window if your curtains let in light.)
  • Do your morning breathing and visualisation exercise before getting into bed.
  • Keep a window open overnight and the room temperature cool (you can always pile on a few extra blankets or take a hot-water-bottle to bed).
  • Consider taking a ten to twenty minute nap after your lunch. This can actually improve night sleep for people who get “overtired” before bedtime. I recommend using a timed sleep app such as Pzizz (you will need headphones) or a meditation or ambient sounds CD. Don’t forget to set an alarm – no napping for more than twenty minutes!

Evening Meal

Evening meals can be the easiest to adapt when cutting out sugar, gluten, dairy, soya and damaged fats unless, of course, you are used to pizza, pasta or breaded fish as staples. Base your meal on a small but quality protein source (organic meat, fish or eggs), add plenty of organic vegetables cooked or served with quality fat (butter is a great source) and include either some white rice or some starchy vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin or root vegetables.

Roast meat with my Big Pan of Greens (week three recipe), gently fried fillets of fish with steamed veg and plenty of butter, any kind of stew (you can even make dumplings with gluten free flour!) shepherd’s or cottage pie: see what recipes you already have at home that you can adapt, look online for easy paleo or primal meals or try some of these quick and easy recipes.

Chinese Spiced Slaw (serves 2-4)

Ready in less time than waiting for a take-away!

In a saucepan on a medium high heat fry two small sliced onions in one tablespoon butter and one tablespoon olive oil for one minute. Add 400g organic minced pork and brown off.

Then stir in half a teaspoon of Chinese Five Spice; one sliced red pepper, one small and finely sliced carrot and one shredded cabbage. Fry for ten minutes until the cabbage has wilted. Season with coconut aminos (a gluten and MSG free soy sauce alternative) and serve with white rice.

Vegetarian option: Omit the pork but add three beaten eggs per person after the cabbage has wilted, and stir through until the eggs have set.

Cheap and Cheerful Chocolate Chilli (serves 2-4)

One of my favourite fall back recipes! Use whatever veggies you have in stock

Brown off 400g organic minced beef in one tablespoon butter and one tablespoon olive oil in a saucepan over a medium high heat. Add a good 200 – 400g of mixed chopped veggies (onions, carrots, celery, peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, garlic etc.) and stir for ten minutes or so.

Experiment with spices according to what you have in stock but you could try stirring in: two teaspoons ground cumin, one teaspoon ground coriander, half teaspoons each of sea salt, ground pepper, chilli flakes, cinnamon and sweet smoked paprika; and a few whole cardamom pods.

Then pour in half a bottle of passata, turn the heat down, pop a lid on and leave for at least an hour.

Just before you are ready to serve check the seasoning and melt in a couple of squares dark chocolate. Serve with white rice or baked sweet potato, a sliced avocado and lots of chopped fresh coriander.

Curried Chicken and Coconut Soup (serves 2-4)

Most homemade curry recipes are already free from sugar, gluten, dairy, soya, junk and damaged fat sources or are at least easily adaptable.

Gently fry an onion in two tablespoons of butter in a saucepan over a medium high heat until soft. Add 400g diced chicken, a thinly sliced courgette, a chopped head of broccoli (dice the stalk.) and any fresh beans. Once the chicken is cooked through add a couple of tablespoons of Thai green curry paste and 250mls of either gluten free or homemade chicken stock.

Simmer for twenty minutes and then stir in a can of coconut milk before serving with sliced avocado and chopped fresh coriander.

Roast Bubble and Squeak Supper

Feel free to top with either crispy bacon or flaked smoked fish.

Peel, chop, boil, drain and mash a combination of potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, swede, parsnip, celeriac etc. Mix with shredded and steamed cabbage and/or leeks chopped and cooked in butter. Season with salt and pepper before squashing it all into a greased baking dish. Make small hollows and break eggs into them before topping the whole lot with butter and putting into a hot oven until the eggs are just set.

Three from Ten Household Cleaning

This is another area where you get to make some choices! I’d like you to choose three (or more) of the following household products to replace. Your lungs will thank you for it!

  • Replace your washing liquid or powder with an eco-friendly one and try using the least amount you can use while still effectively cleaning your clothes.
  • Try not using any fabric conditioner at all (I use white vinegar in my rinse cycle to soften clothes.)
  • Avoid using room fresheners. Open windows whenever possible, leave saucers with water and a few drops of essential oils on radiators or make your own air sprays with water and essential oils in a clean spray bottle. If carpets or fabric need freshening up you can replace half of the water with cheap vodka!
  • If you like candles, make sure they are either made from beeswax or organic soya.
  • Use beeswax in place of wood polish. You can even make your own by gently melting the stumps of beeswax candles with olive oil and pouring into a glass jar. Simply rub a small amount on with a cloth.
  • Try using bicarbonate of soda as a pre-vacuuming carpet-freshener, to clean the tidemark from around the bath or to scrub a greasy kitchen sink.
  • Try using a one part white vinegar to two parts water mix in a spray bottle for cleaning sinks, tiles, windows and kitchen surfaces.
  • Mop with white vinegar diluted in a bucket of hot water
  • Use an eco-friendly brand of washing up liquid or dishwasher tablet.
  • Fill your house with houseplants – they have superb air filtering capabilities!


Any questions? Email me!

Flojo’s Easy Detox: Reflection

On the last day of this plan I would like you to fill in a questionnaire and tell me all about your experience on Flojo’s Easy Detox. It’s a good opportunity for you to ask me any questions you might have too!

Enjoy Your Final Week!