Dry Skin Brushing

This is an easy way to help your lymphatic system “wake up” in the morning. It need only take about three minutes but has a much longer effect on both your internal “detoxification systems” and the tone and texture of your skin.

Not everybody likes the feeling of body brushing when they start but I’ve not yet had a client who didn’t grow to like it! You can gradually increase pressure with the brush over the next few weeks as and when your skin feels ready.

Strip off and lightly brush the sole of your right foot followed by the top of your foot and then, using light, repeated strokes, brush from your ankles to your knees and then your knees to your groin and hips. Repeat on the other side. This first step should take about one minute.

Lightly brush your belly in a clockwise movement and then whisk the brush over your hips, buttocks and lower back as far as you can reach. Wherever possible, work with the direction of the brush moving towards the heart. This step should also take about one minute.

Spend half a minute brushing your right arm from your hands and wrists towards your armpits and shoulders. Repeat on the other side.

Gently brush your chest and shoulders and then, using the handle, the rest of your back.

Shower and / or moisturise next, if you like, before getting dressed for the day.

While body brushing is best done in the morning, feel free to brush in the evening if the timing suits you better!

Body brushing features in my online plans, Glow with Flo! and Flojo’s Easy Detox Please contact me here if you would like to book a place on either of these!