Coaching Agreement

Please copy and paste this agreement into an email to me at least 48 hours before your first scheduled coaching session. Please fill in your details where indicated by an asterisk *

*Health and Nutrition Coaching Agreement between practitioner: Florence Neville and client:


Operating Hours

I work 9.30 until 3.30 Monday to Friday and while I may sometimes reply to emails I am not generally available outside of these times.


The up-front and non-refundable fee of £360 is to be paid at the start of each six month coaching package and includes:

  1. Two 30 minute attendance or Skype coaching sessions each calendar month.
  2. Analysis of regular questionnaires which must be filled in and sent to me at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled session.
  3. Email support during my work hours and in between scheduled sessions.
  4. Free access to my “VIP Area” library of resources.

Payment should be made, at least 48 hours before your first scheduled coaching session, by direct bank transfer to:

Florence Neville         a/c: 22099247                       sort code: 60-17-12

Scheduling, Cancellations and Rescheduling

Coaching session times are reserved especially for you with preparation done by me ahead of time. I value our time together and know you will too by respecting and keeping your appointment.

It is very rare for me to have to cancel or to run late but if this does occur I will endeavour, with your permission, to reschedule or extend your session time.

If you are late for your scheduled appointment please be aware that, due to other commitments, it is unlikely I will be able to extend your session time. If you are going to be more than ten minutes late for your session it is greatly appreciated if you could let me know via email with as much notice as possible.

I understand that sometimes things do come up and you may need to reschedule or cancel your session. I would ask that you provide at least 48 hours’ notice where possible. If we are unable to reschedule an appointment then I will fully respond to your returned questionnaire via email with my observations and recommendations.

Skype Appointments

Please ensure that you have a steady Skype connection as I am unable to carry out coaching session over the phone. If we are unable to conduct a video based appointment then I will suggest that we conduct the remainder of the appointment time via email messaging.


All matters discussed between us whether in person, over Skype or via email, remain fully private and confidential.

In Between Sessions

I encourage you to contact me via email on a weekly basis between our sessions. Coaching necessarily centres around exploration, support and accountability; these key areas require regular communication in between appointments to help ensure improved outcomes.

Please keep all contact within an email thread generated immediately after your last session. Un-threaded emails make it difficult for me to refer back to your previous and relevant information.

Be aware that occasionally certain acute health symptoms such as mild flu symptoms, headaches, acne, extreme irritability or crying may flare-up due to what is known as a Healing Crisis. These will need to be monitored and so I recommend that you email me before your usual weekly check-in if you experience these.

The more you are able to fully commit to recommendations agreed on in your coaching sessions; the easier it will be to reach your health goals. If you are having difficulties committing to an agreed course of action then we will need to explore this. The sooner these issues are discussed, the sooner they can be resolved.


I will be honest and will try to be very clear about what support I am able to give during each of your coaching sessions. If at any point you feel that I need to be clearer please do not hesitate to let me know.

Please understand that my coaching services are not to be construed as, or a replacement for medical advice. If either of us recognizes and agrees that you have an issue that would benefit from medical or other therapeutic intervention, I will do my best to refer you to the appropriate resources.

Ultimately, the coaching relationship is about you, the client, taking full responsibility for your actions, and your life. You enter into coaching with the understanding that you are responsible for creating your own decisions and results. You agree not to hold the coach liable for any outcomes resulting directly or indirectly from the coaching process.


“I, Florence Neville, agree to provide health and nutrition coaching services to facilitate the achievement of your stated goals as per this coaching agreement. We are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement for the length of our coaching series.”

Name: Florence Neville

Address: 25 Southside, Congresbury BS49 5BS

*“I,                                           understand that I am working with Florence Neville for health and nutrition coaching at the agreed fee, to facilitate the achievement of my stated goals as per this coaching agreement. We are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement for the length of our coaching series.”