Clay Masks

Using naturally mineral rich clay as a face mask is a highly effective method of removing toxins from the body through the skin. This is due to the clay’s magnetic charge which attracts impurities, ready to be rinsed away.

Types of clay:

  • bentonite
  • rhassoul
  • fuller’s earth
  • kaolin


  • Cleanse your face with oil and a warm, damp washcloth
  • Mix one tablespoon of the clay with the same amount of either water or apple cider vinegar and spread over your face and any other areas that look congested, such as the neck, chest and shoulders.
  • Leave on for five to twenty minutes (depending on your skin sensitivity)
  • Rinse off thoroughly before moisturising with jojoba oil.

Optional extras:

  • soothing essential oils such as lavender, rose or chamomile
  • raw honey (healing)
  • one charcoal capsule (extra cleansing)
  • a teaspoon of jojoba oil (moisturising)