Autistic Health and Wellbeing – Workshop Delivery and Training

Who is this workshop for?

Do you run a group for autistic adults who would like to support their health and wellbeing levels in a way that is positively, uniquely and authentically autistic?

Do you provide meeting spaces for parents or carers of autistic children and teenagers who would like support in helping their children to be happy and healthy?

Are you hosting a conference with the focus on the wellbeing of autistic people and would like delivery from an experienced autistic speaker?

Then this is the workshop for you!

“As always, very engaging and inspiring.”

What is it about?

For my Masters in Research degree I interviewed autistic women with a prior interest in health and wellbeing to find out about their strategies for thriving rather than just surviving.

My study participants shared a wealth of knowledge around diet, exercise, and supplements but they also told me about how they needed time for themselves in particular sensory environments to be creative or stim. All these things helped them to avoid issues like:

  • Fatigue and overload
  • Anxiety, burnout and sleep problems
  • Digestive problems and chronic pain

Their answers were so amazing that I co-founded AutismHWB (together with Rhi Lloyd-Williams) a project which celebrates all the ways that autistic people manage their health and wellbeing. Thanks to all the people who have so far contributed, we now have a whole library of strategies that autistic people use to care for themselves.

In this workshop I talk about my original study and the subsequent project; and I encourage participants to look at managing their own health and wellbeing in ways that are authentically autistic.

Why is this workshop important?

Research into health and wellbeing outcomes for the autistic population makes for quite depressing reading, and advice commonly given to autistic people who are struggling with physical and/or mental heath conditions isn’t always helpful for autistic people.

This workshop empowers autistic individuals in building on the strategies they use already and encourages friends and family to re-evaluate advice they may have previously been given.

What does this workshop deliver?

It offers an honest account of the physical and mental health challenges that autistic people face.

It’s a showcase of strategies that autistic people can be supported in using to improve their own health and wellbeing.

It celebrates the amazingly effective and unique ways that autistic people practise self-care.

It’s a place for attendees to feel safe, listened to and understood

It’s a time for learning, for laughter and for light-bulb moments.

“Florence has an extremely engaging way of offering ideas to Autistic individuals without being prescriptive or making people feel a failure
She clearly knows her stuff but is able to deliver complex ideas in ways that make sense
She draws on her own and others experiences as well as being informed by academic and current research findings
She is a very interesting speaker and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Dr Linda Buchan Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Director of Axia ASD

Why am I the person to deliver this workshop?

Good question! For several years I was Health and Nutrition Coach working predominantly with autistic adults but am now a full time PhD student, exploring autistic people’s needs for the time and space to be themselves. I have previously delivered a variety of health and wellbeing workshops. I am also autistic.

How much will this cost us?

Until the end of September 2023 my fees are £250 per every 90 minutes that I am required to be available, plus expenses. Depending on your requirements I can deliver short workshops, extended workshops or half-day training sessions. An ideal group size is between fifteen and twenty five participants.

How can we book you?

Please contact me here to discuss dates, I very much look forward to hearing from you!