A Ten Point Action Plan for When Things Go Wrong!

Sometimes, when you are on any kind of health programme it is very easy to get derailed and go off course for a few hours, days or even weeks, particularly when things get stressful. If this is the case for you right now then make some space to work through as many of the following suggestions as you can.


Before you do anything else take three minutes to do my breathing and visualisation exercise.


Whatever you do, don’t blame yourself for letting things slide. You can, within reason, blame the seasons, the moon phases, your menstrual cycle or from other unavoidable external factors. All of these can easily derail your usual sterling efforts by upsetting your hormonal systems and so making you feel tired, cranky and craving junk food.

But right now your job is to turn things around. Because you know that it makes you feel better when you eat the right things, sleep well, move well and take time to practice self care. It makes sense to do these things because when you feel good then all those external factors actually become easier to manage. Even if it doesn’t feel worth it right now.


I offer unlimited email support for my clients and so that’s what I’m here for. Not to judge, but to support you. The sooner you do this the sooner I can help you to get back on track.

If you are not yet a client then do consider signing up for health and nutrition coaching or for Flojo’s Easy Detox plan so that I can offer any individualised advice that you may need.


No, not that kind of drink! Drinking a glass of warm water with a good pinch of sea salt, rock salt, or Himalayan pink salt helps to reassure your adrenals and support your stress hormone production. This can help with energy levels and sugar cravings.


An Epsom salt bath is a great way to calm a frazzled nervous system. Add calming essential oils if you like.


If you don’t feel able to email me then at least print off or copy out my last set of emailed recommendations. Rather than getting overwhelmed, choose one thing to do as of today. It might be ordering any supplements you need (and actually taking them,) or cutting out sugar (again!) or just rereading one of my information sheets. Choose just one thing in order to break the inertia. Tomorrow, or even the next day, choose another one thing.


Even if you are currently on a sugar high, prepare yourself a small but easily digestible fat and protein based meal or drink such as an omelette with extra butter, my hot coconut and vanilla shake or some bone broth (hopefully you have some stored in the freezer ready to defrost!)


Taking a couple of activated charcoal capsules (available online) after a binge or an unsuitable meal or drink can be a useful form of damage limitation in emergency situations. It’s not a long term solution but it may help you to feel better right now. Just remember that any supplements or medication taken within a couple of hours of charcoal are unlikely to be absorbed by your body and will therefore be ineffective.


Going for a walk can do wonders for a mind reset. Whether you are by the sea, up a mountain, in woods or just pounding the streets just walk and clear your head. You get bonus points for turning your phone off during your walk!


Make sure that you have the following in stock: a selection of good, healthy fats; some organic vegetables; a few, quality protein sources and (if you don’t have adverse reactions to them) some quality coffee and dark chocolate. If you have these then you have the basics for a few simple but nourishing meals.

And please don’t worry. You’ve got this!