A Selection of Good Books!

Just a small selection of some of my very favourite health and nutrition books!

Ancestral Based Health and Nutrition

Enig and Fallon: Nourishing Traditions

Nora Gedgaudas: Primal Body, Primal Mind

Nora Gedgaudas: Primal Fat Burner

Nora Gedgaudas: Rethinking Fatigue

Graham, Keston and Scherwitz: Pottenger’s Prophecy

Mark Sisson: The Keto Reset Diet

Mark Sisson: The Primal Blueprint

Hair and Beauty

Lucy Aitkenread: Happy Hair

Nadine Artemis: Renegade Beauty


Dave Asprey: The Bulletproof Diet

Dave Asprey: Headstrong


Naomi Devlin: The Gut Feeling

Hemsley + Hemsley: Good + Simple

Hemsley + Hemsley: The Art of Eating Well


See my page on Exercise Resources

Menstrual Health

Lisa Lister: Code Red

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer: Wild Power

Alisa Vitti: Womancode