This just might be the most adaptable soup recipe in the word! This recipe serves two and contains two servings of vegetables per person. Pop it in a thermos flask if you aren’t going to be at home come lunchtime.

The Basic Recipe

Gently sauté one small diced onion, and one crushed and chopped garlic clove in 50g of butter for five minutes.

Add approximately 240g chopped seasonal, organic vegetables of choice and stir for another five minutes.

Pour over 500ml homemade broth or gluten free and MSG free stock and simmer until the vegetables are soft. Season and blend to preference.

Optional Extras

  • Dried herbs or spices
  • A small diced potato
  • A handful of lentils or cooked beans
  • Extra butter or a spoonful of coconut oil
  • A spoon of leftover cooked rice
  • Cooked gluten-free noodles
  • Half a can of coconut milk.

Optional Toppings

  • A spoon of live, unsweetened yoghurt
  • A drizzle of good quality olive oil
  • A swirl of coconut milk
  • A scattering of finely chopped fresh herbs or dried seaweed
  • A sprinkling of crumbled crispy bacon
  • Strips of leftover roast meat
  • A pile of lightly toasted seeds or nuts.

Suggested combinations

  • Peas and thyme
  • Beetroot and cumin
  • Carrot and coriander
  • Broccoli and nutmeg
  • Leek and potato
  • Sweet potato with red lentils and cumin
  • Fennel and potato with black pepper
  • Roasted butternut squash and sweetcorn with chilli
  • Mushroom with black pepper and parsley
  • Parsnip and carrot with curry powder
  • Spinach and potato with nutmeg.

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