probiotic milk kefir recipe for a healthy microbiome

Milk Kefir

One of the richest and most bioavailable forms of probiotics you can consume – and it’s both delicious and easy to make!

Your first order of business will be to find a source of kefir “grains.” These are not actually grains but are mini SCOBYs (Symbiotic Cultures Of Bacteria and Yeasts) which will devour lactose in your milk, multiply to make lots of new gut-nourishing probiotics, and provide you with a slightly tart and fizzy drink (which tastes much better than it sounds!)

Depending on whether you obtained your grains from an online retailer or from a friend, you may need to follow their provided instructions for the first few ferments while you “wake the grains up” but this is how I use my kefir grains on a daily basis:

  1. Strain my current kefir grains through a plastic (never metal) sieve
  2. Refrigerate the strained kefir (which is like a runny yoghurt)
  3. Add a heaped tablespoon of the sieved out grains to a wide-mouthed litre jar of full fat, organic milk (when I have any extra grains I compost them, donate them to friends or feed them to our dog in small amounts)
  4. Cover the milk and grain mixture (with a small square of tea-towel secured with an elastic band) and leave out on the kitchen counter for 24 hours
  5. Repeat each day.

You’ve got a few options for what to do with your homemade kefir

  1. Drink either as it is or blended into a probiotic smoothie.
  2. Use in place of yoghurt or buttermilk for recipes such as muffins or soda bread
  3. Use it to top granola or to soak chia seeds in.
  4. Strain a second time through a fine mesh “jam” bag for 12 hours. You’ll be left with a lovely soft cream cheese in the bag and the drained off whey can be used to enrich soups, curries, smoothies or baked goods; or used as a starter for other ferments such as sauerkraut.

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