Roast Veggie Sauce

This is a glorious and adaptable sauce to prepare in advance, ready for using as a dip, pasta sauce or meat topping.

Chop a range of vegetables such as onion, tomato, aubergine, courgette, carrot, squash etc. and spread out on a roasting tray.

Add a few cloves of peeled garlic and toss with pork lard (always from pastured pigs) or a quality olive oil. Season liberally. Now is your chance to add a good quantity of herbs or spices such as oregano, thyme and sage or cumin, coriander and chilli flakes.

Roast on a low heat until the vegetables are all soft and slightly caramelised. Cool before blitzing in a food processor and storing in the fridge. If serving warm reheat gently and add a good quantity of olive oil just before serving.

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