Late Summer Vegetable Dishes

This is a fun time of year to serve corn-on-the-cob, hot and dripping with butter, to kids. Especially when they are missing front teeth – just for the amusement factor! Grill plenty of sliced, oiled and salted aubergines or courgettes to use in place of pasta – this works particularly well in dishes like lasagne but you can pile your veggie pasta high on a plate and top with your favourite pasta sauce too.

Squashes and pumpkins are really versatile and can be used in risottos and as pasta sauces as well as roasted until sweet and used in muffins and pies. You could deseed and roast a pumpkin before mashing it into homemade chicken bone broth for a speedy soup. Try roasting whole sweet potatoes and filling with butter or slicing and baking with coconut oil for fries. Sweet potatoes are also lovely roasted – especially with garlic, herbs and chilli.

This is the one time of year when we can and should get through much in the way of fruit. Local, organic and heritage apples, pears, figs and plums are pretty special during these months. And don’t forget to make a blackberry crumble at some point…

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