Bone Broth

Bone broth for breakfast night seem like a strange meal to start your day with but it is a surprisingly satiating and delicious way to break your overnight fast. And with much less preparation than you might think!

At least twelve hours before you plan to eat you’ll need to roast some stock bones. These might be purpose bought chicken or beef bones from an organic, pastured meat supplier or they could just be the bones from a chicken you’ve just roasted for meat. Pack as many roasted bones as you can into a crock pot and cover with cold water. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar and around half a tablespoon of sea salt per litre of water. Switch your crockpot to low and leave on overnight.

In the morning flash fry some chopped, seasonal and organic veggies in either beef dripping/tallow or pork lard from pastured animals and scrape them into a bowl. Then sieve a couple of ladles of broth directly over your veggies. Savoury goodness ready in minutes! If you are really pushed for time you can just fill a mug with broth and drink that instead of your morning coffee.

I tend to keep adding extra left over bones, water and salt to the crock pot as and when necessary over the next day or so. The flavour will intensify beautifully. After three or four days I strain the last bit into a saucepan to add to stews, curries or chillies and start a new batch from scratch.

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